A new Fallout 4 modification allows gamers to craft and use a crossbow within the game, complete with customizable parts and different bolt types.

If there’s one thing a little strange about the world of Fallout 4, it’s that everyone seems to have had no problem securing pre-war weaponry. The world may have been turned into a barren husk of its former self, but the denizens of the Boston Commonwealth continue to survive (and occasionally thrive) thanks to a hefty armament of laser weaponry and power suits. Now, a Fallout 4 fan has created a modification which adds the crossbow to the game, bringing a starkly medieval aspect to the retro-futuristic title.

The crossbow is a logical fit into the world of Fallout 4, where one feels like the citizens of the Boston commonwealth shouldn’t always have access to pre-war weapons. Like other weapons from the game, the crossbow is no stranger to customization, and players can modify the weapon to have everything from flaming bolts to a compound bow design. Bolts that find their target can occasionally be retrieved from their bodies, and it won’t take long to notice that the bolts even stick to enemies upon impact. These are some pretty nice details, especially when considering the lengths some modders had to go just to add gun displays into the game.

Let’s take a look at the Crossbows of the Commonwealth mod below:

The creator of the crossbow mod even utilized the laser musket’s winding reload animation for the crossbow mod, so players will be able to see the Sole Survivor frantically winding up the weapon after launching a bolt. While it may have a slow reloading process, the high damage output of the crossbow makes it a suitable weapon choice in many situations, without making the weapon itself overpowered. The bolts also travel at a set pace, allowing gamers to lead ahead of their targets movements when they shoot, which makes Fallout 4 feel a little bit more like Skyrim than one might expect.

Once the modification is installed, players will soon find out that they’re not the only one in the wasteland interested in getting medieval. Raiders and merchants will now utilize the weapon as well, and we can’t help but wonder if YouTuber Cosmic Contrarian will make another Lord of the Rings inspired Fallout battle so he can make fill the air with arrows. In any event, it’s certainly the perfect compliment for those who wish to explore the wasteland as Geralt from The Witcher 3.

Gamers interested in downloading the crossbow modification for Fallout 4 can do so here.

What do you think about the Crossbows of the Commonwealth modification, Ranters?

Source: VG 24/7