10 Awesome Fallout 4 Cosplays That Are Straight Out Of The Wasteland

One of the best parts of being in a fandom is the material that exists outside of the canon product. While it can be truly satisfying to read the book, consume the film, or play the game itself, it can be equally as thrilling to engage in a lively debate/discussion on related forums, participate in the creation of head-cannons and fan fiction, anticipate new releases, consider theories, and cosplay as one's favorite character or item from the game. The Fallout fandom is a truly dedicated group of people and those who choose to cosplay elements from the series take it very seriously. Cosplay is an art that requires a large amount of skill and dedication in order to master (though cosplayers of all skill levels are valid and welcome.) Below are ten of the best Fallout-themed cosplays the fandom has to offer.

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10 Nice Guns

This cosplay by the artist known as AKA is truly wonderful. Not only is the attention to detail on the costume itself beautiful, but that weapon is truly something else.

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One cannot even imagine the dedication, time, and materials needed to craft something so realistic and accurate to the screen. AKA nailed both the large and smaller details in this cosplay and that is something that is truly impressive. Look at the details on her bracers and numerous belts. Truly magnificent.

9 Our Favorite Nuka Girl

Though cosplaying a vault dweller is the more common approach when considering a Fallout cosplay, it is not the only option. The Fallout world is filled with numerous different characters, objects, and creatures that fans can choose from and some prefer something a bit more unique to their own tastes. The above costume (which was created and being worn by artist Ali Williams) is one of the greatest Nuka Girl cosplays that has ever graced the internet. Her attention to detail truly shows and that dedication it what makes this Fallout cosplay truly top notch.

8 Say Hello To Vault Boy

This Vault Boy cosplay (by an anonymous cosplayer) shows an alternative style of realistic cosplay. Some fans prefer to use as much of their own appearance/face when turning themselves into a likeness of their favorite character/element from their fandom of choice.

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However, some cosplayers prefer to use prosthetics, masks, or even full body costumes in order to achieve the desired look. Either choice is valid and all are welcome in the fandom.

7 The Vault's Finest

This anonymous cosplayer has decided to go with the most screen accurate look as possible while bringing her version of the Vault-tec look to life. Some cosplayers dedicate their time to creating looks/cosplays that look like they walked straight off of the screen itself as their pride themselves in their accuracy. Whilst other cosplayers prefer to put their own little spin on things, even if it steers them away from accuracy. Remember, all cosplays (regardless of accuracy) are welcome and supported in the Fallout fandom. No gatekeeping here.

6 Soda Comes To Life

This is a truly unique cosplay that brings a little bit of fun to the Fallout cosplay game. Cosplay artist Atomic Girl decided that the element of the Fallout series that she would most like to bring to life was the infamous Nuka Cola itself.

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In this vintage-inspired photoshoot, Atomic Girl created a glamorous and beautiful look entirely centered around the Nuka Cola drink which appears in most Fallout themed merchandise. This fun and innovative cosplay is both unexpected and visually stunning.

5 Survivor The Riveter

Cosplayer Baty Alquawen decided that she wanted to bring a little spice and flavor to her Vault-tec cosplay. Just a little something to make it her own. Though it is important to note that both her weapon and her jumpsuit are truly screen accurate and remarkably well made, it is the unique quality of her look that sends this cosplay over the top. Her victory rolls and red bandana create a vintage look that is reminiscent of Rosie the Riveter ( a popular 1940s American War Effort icon.)

4 Pin-Up Glamour

A lot of Fallout 4 cosplays have a rather vintage feel to them. One can only assume that this is due to the fact that the game exists as a satire of the 1950s in America and the culture that permeated that period of time.

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Due to this satirical perspective, it only seems natural that many fans who choose to cosplay characters, creatures, and elements from the series would choose to honor the style of the 1950s. The above cosplay (created and worn by cosplayer Galina Zhukovskaya) is a beautiful homage to the time period that inspired the game.

3 Read It And Weep

Though it can be fascinating to explore both screen accurate and innovative cosplays regarding the Vault-tec look, cosplays that tackle other elements and aesthetics from are also welcomed and appreciated.

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The above cosplay was created by artist Ver1sa Cosplay and is truly one of the most wonderful Fallout cosplays on the web. Her take on the journalist character of Piper Wright focuses on a more screen accurate version of the character and is true to the source material down to the tiniest detail.

2 Rock-A-Billy Vault Look

Cosplay artist Ynotece Cosplay brings another shade of vintage to the world of the Fallout cosplay. Though she chose to go for the classic Vault-tec look, she was able to truly make it her own and fit the theme that she chose for her cosplay.

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Since she chose to go for a more vintage look, her version of the Vault-tec look was altered to reflect her specific aesthetic. The changes made to the aesthetic includes a bold 1950s style makeup look, a vintage hairstyle, an open lapel, and nails that reflect a more pin-up style.

1 Stylized Tactical Gear

Cosplay artist Zonbi's Workshop is an expert craftsman. Not only are both her jumpsuit and wig practically perfect in every way, but her armor, gear, and weaponry are truly something worth noting. Though the screen accurate nature of her gear is impressive and worthy of both praise and respect, one must also consider the amount of work and skill that it takes to not only craft something that can withstand being used and worn for a full day but to also make it look good and accurate to the game itself.

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