Bethesda hosts a livestream showing off the long-awaited console modifications for Fallout 4, which will be available soon for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

As we previously posted, Bethesda hosted a livestream today with the goal of finally showing off console modifications for Fallout 4, and the studio did so with gusto. Besthesda had previously promised Fallout 4 fans that modifications would arrive on the Xbox One sometime in May, and the developer is poised to hit the deadline with no room to spare: modification support will arrive on May 31 for Microsoft-based gamers, while those exploring the commonwealth via PlayStation 4 will have to wait until sometime in June.

Bethesda also confirmed that due to first-party considerations, gamers who activate modifications on either console won’t be able to net themselves achievements or trophies, so anyone wishing for horse armor or historically accurate radio tunes will have to do so at the behest of sweet, sweet gamescore. Additionally, gamers will only be able to allocate 2GB of console hard drive space for modifications, so everyone will have to pick and choose which modifications to prioritize and install first.

As one would expect, any modifications which utilize the content of DLC packs like Far Harbor will require users to have purchased that DLC beforehand. Bethesda has actually had problems with modders leaking DLC for free to consumers on PC, which is evidently not a problem the studio is keen on porting over to consoles.

The console editions of Fallout 4 will automatically create a new save file once gamers start to add modifications onto their playthrough, so that if something goes haywire with any of the installed content, players still have a save point that they can revert to. This is evidently a good idea, because the game crashed at one point during Bethesda’s livestream earlier today.

Modifications can be easily accessed via a brand new mods section from the game’s main menu, which will then prompt gamers to link or create a corresponding account. After that it’s all smooth sailing, and gamers should be able to easily browse around Bethesda’s own modification workshop, which can be seen here.

The studio is actively working on fixing some performance problems that the latest downloadable content has spurred on the PlayStation 4, though we expect that those bugs will be sorted out by the time modifications arrive for Sony’s own console. In the meantime, console gamers can check out videos of the new legendary creatures in an all-out deathmatch, and know that soon they too will be able to create crazy hijinks around the wasteland.

What do you think about modifications arriving for the console versions of Fallout 4, Ranters?

Fallout 4 console modifications will arrive May 31 on Xbox One, with PS4 following suite sometime in June.