One Fallout 4 modder creates a useful addition for those who want the game’s companions to feel more realistic, allowing them to return to their home locations.

The Fallout series is renowned for its wide selection of interesting non-player characters, particularly in the form of the franchise’s variety of companions. Fallout 4 is no different, with fans picking personal favorites such as private detective Nick Valentine. However, it sometimes feels immersion breaking to see (admittedly occasionally judgemental) characters with such strong personal goals and backstories stuck following the player character around. Thankfully, a new mod aims to address this issue.

The fan-made content, from mod creator registrator2000, has one simple goal, but one that can improve matters considerably for Fallout 4 players after a more realistic role-playing experience. The mod sends companions back to their daily routines when they are no longer required by the player. When the player decides to travel solo, or with another ally, the previous companion will head back home.

“This mod lets Piper finally go home to her sister. Nick to Ellie. Danse back to his squad. Deacon back to running missions for the Railroad,” explains registrator2000, regarding their goal when creating this mod. “Everybody can finally resume their lives instead of being suspended in time, waiting around for you to pick them.” Those interested in checking out the mod can do so over at its Nexus Mods page.


Plenty of players have felt a little disappointed by the oversight from Bethesda, particularly given the depth given to the companions in the game. Characters such as Piper and Paladin Danse have their own motives when the character initially meets them, and it seems strange to then see them entirely reliant on the lone survivor for any kind of direction. As registrator2000 puts it, “it’s almost game-breaking, seeing Piper talking about her sister Nat and how she’s worried about her staying alone, but not being able to stop her from hanging around at Sanctuary Hills all day trying to harvest carrots.”

There is one way for the player to allow their companions to go home without the use of this mod. After the player first meets the character at their initial companion location, and is ready to dismiss the follower, the user can back out of the conversation without choosing a new location to send the character to. Doing this will send the companion back home – but only if the player has not chosen a destination for them before.

The companions of Fallout 4 have been on the receiving end of plenty of praise and criticism since the game was released, with the mechanics of their use coming under fire. Mods have already been called upon to help with issues regarding followers, with one such example helping players keep track of their companions. With Bethesda recently releasing an update for the game, perhaps the next one will address some of the problems with the companion system.

Source: Nexus Mods