This Fallout 4 comic takes a funny look at how player behavior has changed since the release of Fallout 3 and where players rank their priorities now.

While some fans have maligned Fallout 4 for its lack of innovation when compared to past Bethesda efforts, others have found a lot of new content to enjoy in the game. In fact, some even argue that, although Fallout 4 is derivative of Fallout 3 and New Vegas, it asks players to tackle scenarios in different ways and forces them to rethink tried and true strategies.

To that point, Dorkly has released a comic that shows just how much has just changed since Fallout 3. Obviously, this is a humorous look at the world of Fallout 4, but beneath the humor are some smart points about how player behavior has changed over the last five years or so.

Read the full comic here or check out some highlights below:

Fallout 4 Comic - Power Armor

Fallout 4 Comic - Adhesive Fallout 4 Comic - Radiation

As readers can see, enemies and encounters that may have been pushovers in Fallout 3 now require more consideration than ever. Radiation poisoning, for example, puts a greater toll on the player, forcing their max HP down as they accumulate more RADs. It’s an easy fix to reverse the effects of radiation poisoning, but some players approach encounters differently in Fallout 4 knowing that they may see their overall HP go down.

Similarly, the use of Power Armor has changed substantially in Fallout 4, with many players saving their hulking armor suits for special occasions. Granted, if you follow our Power Armor location guide and Fusion Core location guide, you shouldn’t need to worry about the Power Armor running out of juice, but others prefer to traverse the Boston wasteland without any outside help. And for them, Power Armor is a precious commodity.

Perhaps the comic’s most poignant anecdote is the way junk in past Fallout games has turned into useful resources. Things like adhesive, tape, microscopes – all items that would have been easily overlooked in past games – are now essential to crafting and therefore in high demand. Adhesive is such a precious commodity, in fact, that there are Fallout 4 guides dedicated specifically to developing the resource.

It’s interesting to consider how Fallout has changed over the years, and what players and the developer prioritize now versus what they did then. Few could argue that Fallout 4 is yet another stunning achievement for Bethesda, with some even calling it the best game of 2015. No matter how you feel about the game, though, hopefully the comic offered a few laughs.

What behaviors have you had to change with the release of Fallout 4? Do you consider Fallout 4 an evolution of the series?

Fallout 4 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Dorkly