Popular Fallout 4 companion and robotic handyman Codsworth receives an update, learning over 300 additional names that he is capable of speaking aloud in conversation.

One of the more exciting features that Fallout 4 brought to the franchise was the fact that the protagonist’s robot butler Codsworth knew hundreds of names and could use them seamlessly in conversation, something that required a lot of extra voice work for the talented Stephen Russell.

Now Bethesda has given players even more options, adding over 300 new names to Codsworth’s roster and allowing many extra players to hear their name spoken aloud as they fight through the Boston wasteland in Fallout 4. Many of the names that have been added are references to pop-culture, with Heisenberg and Walter making the cut, as well as Joffrey, Arya, Rick, Morty, and Cena all suggesting that the people at Bethesda have done their research into what the players might want.

Of course, regular names have also been added, in an effort to ensure that the game’s fanbase has as many of their names available as possible. Fallout fans by the names of Anne, Dale, Simon, and many others have finally received the acknowledgement they deserve. The full list is available here.

It’s interesting that the developer is still providing support for such a minor feature of the game, especially given that the upcoming Nuka World expansion is the game’s last DLC. Though it is almost to be expected at this point, given Bethesda’s reputation for providing lengthy support to its major titles.


When Nuka World releases, fans will finally have the opportunity to become an evil raider, a role that is typically given only to the game’s enemies, so it is exciting to see what new features await the Sole Survivor when the add-on drops later this month.

After Fallout 4‘s DLC has drawn to a close, it’s likely that support will slow down for the open-world title, especially as the company has several major projects in the works right now. In the mean time, both console and PC players will be able to immerse themselves in the world of mods, adding features such as Deathclaw companions to the game and expanding their play time greatly.

Currently the Mods Beta, which adds the potential for player-built expansions, has been delayed on the PS4, though it is still available on Xbox One and is unnecessary for PC gamers who already have easy access to modding tools. This delay comes not long after Bethesda’s announcement that porting game mods onto Sony’s current-gen console has been something of an uphill struggle.

Fallout 4 is out now and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.