Gamers discover that Fallout 4 wasteland survivors still celebrate traditional holidays, putting up their best decorations for Halloween and Christmas in Diamond City.

Many video games have begun to add in themed decor and special events for real-life holidays, and it would appear that Bethesda has no intention to leave Fallout 4 out. The post-apocalyptic wasteland may be dreary, but the survivors there still manage to make things festive for certain holidays.

Thus far, players have discovered that Fallout 4‘s Diamond City breaks out their best holiday decorations for Christmas and Halloween. Rather than following the real-world calendar, these events pop up in-game when the in-game calendar reaches December 25th and October 31st, respectively. Diamond City is decked out with high-hanging Christmas lights and small, decorated trees atop businesses in the city square. Halloween features Jack-o-Lantern imagery, pictures of skulls, and classic spooky cutouts and streamers. Players can access Fallout 4‘s in-game calendar by checking the bottom left-hand corner of their Pip-Boys or checking the date on the wait screen.

Since there’s no easy way to rapidly change the date in-game, it remains to be seen if there are other events celebrated by the wasteland dwellers or not. Chances are New Year’s may get a nod, and since Americana is extremely popular in the Fallout universe (and Fallout 4 is set in Boston) Independence Day may get a nod.

fallout 4 halloween diamond city decorations

Fallout 4 isn’t the only game in the Fallout universe to get special holiday decor. While the Fallout Shelter denizens are deep underground, Bethesda still provided holiday cheer by producing a spook-tacular Fallout Shelter Halloween-themed update. Since Fallout 4 celebrates the wintery holidays, it’s possible that Fallout Shelter may get its turn once the real-world calendar changes to December.

Bethesda recently announced the release of special Vault Boy ornaments intended for holiday decorating, including one wearing a santa hat. Sadly, the in-game Christmas trees don’t appear to have their S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats boosted by Vault Boy ornaments, but it’s still quite charming to see them in the middle of what can otherwise be a grey, desolate landscape.

Bethesda has recently released some details regarding upcoming DLC and expansions to Fallout 4. Thankfully, it would appear from this small easter egg that holiday-themed DLC aren’t in their plans. While holiday DLC is often a treat, the cost can leave gamers sour, and Bethesda appears to be maintaining their anti-microtransaction philosophy.

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Fallout 4 is now available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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