Fallout 4 Character Builder Lets Players Get a Head Start

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Fallout 4 Character Builder

After years of speculation, rumors, and false leads, Bethesda finally delivered news that Fallout 4 is indeed set for a debut later this year during their first E3 press conference this past June. Fans were treated to over 30 minutes of details, gameplay, and a trailer which confirmed Boston, Massachusetts to be the central location for players to explore.

As expected, players have been chomping at the bit for more information about Fallout 4. Thanks to various leaks like footage that surfaced from a behind closed doors demo at GamesCom, fans know a bit more about the ambitious title than Bethesda intended at this point. While there’s still a lot that fans don’t know, Fallout community members have already started crafting some unique items to help pass the time, such as a fully operational character building tool.

A resourceful Reddit user named psilocyan has put together a character builder and skill calculator for the upcoming open world RPG, Fallout 4. Currently, the tool lets players plug 21 skill points into the seven major Fallout categories: Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility and Luck. Based on the skill point placement, the user is updated in real time how many hit points, action points, and carry weight their character will start out with. The real interesting aspect to this tool however is the perks tab which will reveal which perks the player will gain access to based on the skills they’ve chosen.

For now, the character building tool is a bit incomplete, not only due to the fact that Bethesda has not fully revealed all the possible perks players can expect in the game. Psilocyan has confirmed plans to add even more into the tool including a world map, weapon/item look up, and perk guide with the ultimate goal of having it become mobile friendly for acting more like a second screen experience.

Fallout 4 Combat

While the Fallout games developed by Bethesda are well known for being massive titles with huge areas for players to explore, Fallout 4 looks to be even bigger. Shockingly, one of the producers on the game has admitted that after 400 hours, he’s still finding new things to do, promising that players will be exploring the Boston area for years to come. Thankfully, Bethesda is also leaving off a level cap, letting players continue to get rewarded with experience and new levels for as long as they play.

This excitement from the Fallout 4 community has continued to surge with fans after its initial announcement. Just a couple months ago, another Fallout superfan actually collected bottlecaps following the release of Fallout 3 back in 2008 in preparation for an eventual Fallout 4 announcement. The fan got his wish and actually mailed over 2000 bottle caps to Bethesda headquarters in order to pre-order a copy of the game. The stunt worked and this fan will be getting a new copy of the game once it launches.

Is this a tool that you guys would use or have you already sunk hours into crafting the perfect character? What else would you like to see added to it?

Fallout 4 launches on November 10, 2015 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Reddit