Now that Bethesda’s most recent release, The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, has moved from its infancy into fully-fledged adulthood — a process brought on by the release of the well-received Dawnguard expansion — fans can began to speculate as to the nature of the developer’s next project. Most assume, given the cycle that Bethesda has created for themselves, that Fallout would be the next property on tap, but that has yet to be confirmed by the developer.

What we do know is that, while Bethesda might not be preparing for a Fallout 4, they are scoping out potential locations for the post-apocalyptic series’ next iteration. Among those locations, as confirmed by an anonymous Reddit user, is Boston, Massachusetts.

The Reddit poster claims that he cannot give further details as to how he has come by this information, but says he works closely with or for MIT and that Bethesda has been location-scouting Boston extensively.

Another Reddit user chimed in to support the first’s claims saying, “I’ve been hearing reports from people in the Boston area, where my fellow Fallout-obsessed brother lives, that Bethesda has been in the Boston area doing initial research for Fallout 4.”

The Fallout series, most overtly in its past two iterations Fallout 3 and New Vegas, has had a very political bent to it, with various factions vying for control of the nuclear-ravaged wasteland — making the politically-charged Boston an ideal fit for further exploration of that idea. Unfortunately, Fallout: New Vegas, rather than building upon the tremendous platform that Fallout 3 created, stumbled with numerous bugs and game-breaking issues.

Still, fans should be willing to shake off New Vegas‘ shortcomings, and accept Fallout 4 as what it is: a sequel to Fallout 3. If that means the series is headed to Boston, then fans should be all for it, even if Boston wasn’t their ideal choice.

Even more exciting than Fallout going to Boston is the prospect of a Bethesda title developed for the next-gen, which we assume this game to be. Skyrim featured a very expansive and detailed world, but we can only imagine how intricately populated and designed a next-gen version of Boston could be.

What do you think about Fallout 4 heading to Boston? What iconic Boston locations would you like to see Bethesda recreate?

Source: Reddit