'Fallout 4' Confirmed By Leaked Script, Set in Boston?

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The past few weeks have been somewhat underwhelming for fans of the Fallout series, who were teased of an imminent Fallout 4 announcement, but all for naught. Luckily, new script pages seem to confirm that Bethesda is in fact already casting for their next numbered installment in the post-apocalyptic series.

A few leaked pages of both character descriptions and dialogue have appeared online, when compared with prior rumors surrounding Fallout 4 hint that the game will be set in Boston, Massachusetts (at least partly). Hopefully this leak will bring an official announcement soon.

The new evidence comes courtesy of Kotaku, who have acquired casting documents for a mysterious project dubbed 'Institute.' It turns out that the casting director charged with the task has previously worked on Bethesda's other major properties - Dishonored and Skyrim - and now that script pages have seemingly confirmed 'The Institute' to refer to the game's fictional take on MIT, a few things seem able to be confirmed.

First, that the old reports of Bethesda employees scouting locations in Boston were as telling as some assumed; and that the plot details provided make it clear that the game in question is none other than Fallout 4. With a speaking main character, no less.

Fallout 4 Script Page

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Besides offering what appears to be an introductory narration for the game (seen above), the report also includes descriptions of characters like a radio DJ named Travis Miles and an engineer named Sturges. Post-apocalyptic games are not exactly rare these days - nor is the nuclear war used as the Fallout series' premise - but the appearance of terms like 'Institute' and 'Commonwealth,' both established terms in the game's universe, make the connections clear.

It's no surprise that Bethesda is already working on Fallout 4, since that has been the assumption all along. An assumption that the series' voice actors have essentially confirmed as well. But even so, it's hard to know what to expect from the franchise on next-gen platforms and PC hardware.

Fallout 4 Leaked Script

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Will the game be set exclusively in Massachusetts, or is the leaked mission dialogue simply a reference to one trek through the state. After all, Bethesda promised to push serious boundaries with their next announcement - could the game world be bigger than ever before?

We'd normally recommend that fans keep from holding their breath just yet, and given how far the Survivor2299 hoax managed to go before being debunked, caution is more important than ever. The source of these detail and documents seems to be more reliable, but hopefully more information will be coming soon.

What do you make of the report? Are the script pages a promising start in the eyes of you fans? Or will you be waiting until Bethesda decides to offer details to start getting excited? Share your thoughts in the comments.

We'll keep you updated as more news or rumors concerning Fallout 4 arrive.


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Source: Kotaku

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