A new Fallout 4 bug threatens to destroy entire playthroughs for gamers, totally changing how the wasteland wanderer perceives everything around them.

Most gamers agree that Fallout 4 is a great game, but it’s not without problems. While some bugs are minor and not a big problem, one new glitch can make the game just about unplayable.

The newest Fallout 4 bug, which is being referred to as the blurry-vision or nearsighted bug, has unknown origins. Gamers aren’t sure how it happens, or what exactly is triggering it, but it makes playing the game extremely difficult. Objects up close appear normal, but anything in the distance becomes an indiscernible blur.

While many gamers are experiencing this bug, no one has found a solution for it. The bug makes the entire world look like the sole survivor is constantly reeling from a severe blow to the head. However, using a stimpak, resetting the game, changing gear, and resting have had no effect on reversing the bug. For anyone who is experiencing this bug themselves, it would appear that the only way to reverse it is to go back to an older save file and continue from there.

dr sun diamond city fallout 4 glitch

There may be a correlation between the bug and Dr. Sun in Diamond City. Gamers who have the blurred-vision bug have learned that visiting Dr. Sun to heal radiation poisoning has no effect. Radiation poisoning can be healed by other means, but Dr. Sun’s treatment has no effect on the radiation exposure, yet he responds to the player after treatment as though they’re cured. However, there have been no reports of players developing any kind of glitch after visiting Dr. Sun, so chances are it’s not the fault of the NPC, but that the NPC’s programming can’t react properly if the player is affected by the bug.

This isn’t the first time that gamers have encountered a Fallout 4 bug that ruins their experience in the wasteland. One quest line in Fallout 4 crashes the game, completely preventing any progress. Unfortunately, these bugs seem to be a problem on all versions of the game, and Bethesda’s upcoming Fallout 4 patch has only just entered beta for PC players. Relief for these problems may be a long way off, so all gamers can do is maintain a long series of save files and make sure to avoid known problems.

Gamers tend to go a bit easier on Bethesda for its faults, and it has a long-standing reputation of releasing awesome games that are also bug-ridden. While it can be hard to playtest every single problem in a game as massive as Fallout 4 or Skyrim, it’s unfortunate that gamers can have all of their progress upended just by playing the game normally.

Fallout 4 is now available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Polygon