Bethesda Softworks releases a video detailing the Big Leagues Perk, which allows gamers to gain massive damage from melee weapons, cripple opponents, and get a ‘home run’.

Fallout 4 is slated to bring gamers to Diamond City and the post-apocalyptic streets of Boston, one of the biggest baseball capitals of the world. The setting brings the perfect chance for Bethesda to further integrate the classic American pastime into Fallout 4 itself, albeit in their own twisted style, and the studio has certainly done so with gusto.

Today, Bethesda released a video detailing the all-new Big Leagues perk, which will allow gamers to do massive damage with two handed blunt instruments, gain a chance to cripple their opponent with hits, and deliver an infamous ‘grand slam’.

We initially speculated that the Fallout 4 achievement entitled ‘Homerun!’ may be related to a baseball mini-game, but the newly-released perk video seems to imply a homerun might mean decapitating a wastelander using a blunt object like, say, a baseball bat. This is aided by the newly revealed Big Leagues perk, which allows gamers to yield double damage with melee weapons.

Check out the brutal video for yourself below:

The Big Leagues perk requires players to be level 42 with a strength rating of 2, so it’s not something players will be able to grab in the early-game. That said, the game features 275 separate perk levels, so gamers should be able to keep themselves busy before their bats can yield double the damage.

Bethesda’s video for the Strength S.P.E.C.I.A.L. told gamers to swing for the fences like a pro, and the Big Leagues perk is a great way to apply a predictable Fallout twist to an old American catchphrase. With the player evidently able to dress up like an old-time baseball player, fans of the Big Leagues perk will certainly be able to put their swinging skills to the test in style, especially since the helmet probably has a good durability rating.

Fallout 4 Fenway Park

The video also shows a very brief glimpse of the player causing havoc in Diamond City, where the remains of what looks to be Fenway Park is located (that’s the home of the Boston Red Sox, for those who don’t know). Bethesda hasn’t confirmed or denied the rumor of its inclusion in the game, but we caught the above background saying ‘AL East’. Considering that’s the league the Red Sox play in, we’d say that’s definitive confirmation that Fenway Park is included in the game. The setting couldn’t be more appropriate for Fallout 4 to put such a morose twist on America’s favorite pastime, whether the ‘Homerun!’ achievement is talking about this perk or even a potential sub-game.

Baseball bats have been a staple weapon in both Fallout 3 and New Vegas, with the latter even featuring a finishing move for two-handed weapons called the Grand Slam special, which would see the player swing their weapon akin to a baseball bat, alluding that they’d get a homerun as a result of the swing – albeit with an enemy’s face instead of a ball. Given that the Fallout 4 Big Leagues perk officially states that gamers will “gain a chance to grand slam their head clean off”, we imagine the finishing move will be making a return. The video also briefly shows that the Diamond City Security guard is using a ‘mahogany baseball bat’, which implies there may be a few other types running around the ruins of Boston.

What do you think about the Big Leagues perk, Ranters?

Fallout 4 is scheduled to release on November 10th, 2015 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.