Save a bunch of caps on a Steam copy of Fallout 4.

Steam’s 2015 Winter Sale was supposed to do away with daily deals and flash sales, but a few individual titles have gone on sale in the middle of their big wave of discounts. November’s big release of Fallout 4 is finally catching a price break to $49.99 over at Steam Store. (As far as we know, this appears to be a part of the Winter sale due to its expiring date of January 4th, when the Winter Sale ends over at Steam).

As the late Billy Mays said: “But wait, there’s more!” While this is the time Steam Store has marked Fallout 4 down ten bucks, if you head over to digital retailer GMG you’ll find that they have matched and exceeded Steam’s deal. There you get the similar $10 discount plus a 20% off code, giving you a total savings of $20.15, marking the game down to only $39.84 – a new low price for the Steam copy of Fallout 4.

Use this 20% off voucher code: NWYEAR-20PERC-WTHGMG

We’ve listed a few other notable titles also on sale at GMG, many of which are significantly cheaper than their Steam Store equivalent. Note that this deal is mainly aimed towards North Americans so if you live in a different region and you don’t see an equivalent percentage off in your region you’re better off buying at Steam Store given regional pricing voodoo.

The coupon at GMG and the instant savings on the deals above run through January 4th at 9AM Pacific. That’s virtually the same length as the Steam Winter sale (off by 1 hour). As a disclaimer of sort on this expiration, YMMV on some of the deals (including Fallout 4) given GMG has been known to end sales early for their own business reasons.

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