Bethesda officially declares that its developers are “actively working” on improving the performance of Fallout 4‘s most recent expansion known as Far Harbor.

With fans having recently reported that Fallout 4‘s Far Harbor expansion is having problems on PS4, Bethesda has now taken to its official forums to state that it is “actively working on more improvements” for the newly released DLC. Although the developer didn’t say exactly which issues it would be sorting out for the Fallout 4 add-on, the studio has promised it will share more details on the matter at a later date.

Bethesda explains that Fallout 4‘s Far Harbor add-on—having just launched over the weekend on May 19—was released once improvements had been made on its beta version, which had its contents leaked by testers prior to availability. Regarding the fixes currently taking place, the developer’s statement in full on its website is as follows:

“We made optimizations based on the Far Harbor beta feedback, but understand some people are experiencing issues. We are actively working on more improvements.  As we have news and information, we’ll update this post.

“Thank you for playing Fallout 4.”


Some of the issues that fans of Fallout 4‘s Far Harbor may be encountering could stem from frame rate and general performance problems, as a lot of players have reported that there are dips below 20 FPS when on a sizable portion of the DLC’s new landmass. It seems as if the majority of the slowdown and glitches are occurring due to the expansion’s radioactive fog, which is unique to the add-on. However, with the airborne haze being a main component of Far Harbor, developers will have to find a workaround by way of lighting and atmospheric effects instead of removing the feature completely.

For those unaware, Far Harbor is Fallout 4‘s third paid expansion pack thus far, which can be obtained for $25 as a standalone, or they can receive it for $50 in the game’s Season Pass. Should fans purchase it in a bundle with the other add-ons, they will also receive everything else released thus far, including the excellent Automatron DLC and Wasteland Workshop. Not to mention, there ought to be even more to come in the future, as Fallout 4‘s director, Todd Howard, has promised players the open world title is set to have downloadable content that will release “well into” 2016.

In the meantime, while Bethesda hammers out the problems to Fallout 4‘s Far Harbor DLC, fans can still play through the 20-plus hours of content, but they risk coming across some graphical hangups. Of course, should some Wastelanders wish to wait until all of the issues for the expansion are resolved, the post-apocalyptic RPG’s Survival Mode is always on standby, ready to give players an extreme challenge.

Fallout 4 and its most recent expansion, Far Harbor, are both out now and available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Bethesda