In addition to having the third best game launch in the UK, Fallout 4 also records the series’ best ever launch week sales, beating Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and Rise of the Tomb Raider.

In the months leading up to Fallout 4‘s release it was abundantly clear that the post-apocalyptic RPG would be a sales hit, with units of the game’s special Pip-Boy Edition quickly running out. This was confirmed last week when Bethesda revealed that not only had the company shipped 12 million units of Fallout 4 worldwide, but that this had led to a whopping $750 million revenue as well. But there’s even more things for Bethesda to be happy about now, as Fallout 4 has also had the best UK launch in the series’ history.

For the UK sales week that ended on Sunday, November 15, Fallout 4 came out on top. Even the likes of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, which raked in $550 million on its launch week, couldn’t halt Fallout 4’s sales (BO3 came in second), nor could hugely popular soccer sim FIFA 16 (third place) or Xbox exclusive Rise of the Tomb Raider which had a decent debut at number four, with 85% of its sales coming on Xbox One. Meanwhile, Minecraft: Story Mode came in fifth and the new Need for Speed in sixth, while Halo 5: Guardians fell to tenth place.

Fat Man Fallout 4

But, in addition to Fallout 4 being “the third biggest launch of 2015 so far”, it became the “the best ever launch week for the series” by beating Fallout: New Vegas‘ launch week sales by 213%. However, it’s important to note that UK sales monitor Chart-Track only tracks retail sales of the game meaning that most of the PC sales of the game will not have been included, which could be significant given that not only does Fallout 4¬†hold the record for most concurrent Steam players, but the game has proved popular with the PC modding community as well. Therefore, the sales, while impressive, are not a full representation of how well the game is doing.

Despite the (slightly) inaccurate sales figures, though, Bethesda will be glad that the Fallout franchise has gained even more fans in the UK. Microsoft, on the other hand will also be happy as surely, many of those copies of Fallout 4 are on Xbox One thanks to the marketing weight the company has put behind the game. Plus, the Xbox One recently got a price cut in the territory and this, combined with the alluring¬†‘free copy of Fallout 3‘ deal, will help the company shift more units of its console in a place where PS4 sales have been incredibly strong.

Source: Chart-Track