Another Fallout 4 battle releases, this time recreating a different post-apocalyptic world. The War Against the Machines comes to Boston, pitting Terminators against Minutemen.

Fallout 4 battles bring together massive quantities of enemy factions from the Fallout universe and pit them against each other in wars that a player would never normally see during a regular playthrough of the game. In the latest of the Fallout 4 Battles, however, the creator has taken some inspiration from another post-apocalyptic world and brought its war to life in Fallout 4.

YouTuber Cosmic Contrarian has done it again, this time creating one of his Fallout 4 Battles based off of the film series The Terminator. In this particular battle, he’s set out to create a longer version of the brief glimpse of the world of the future that’s seen in the introduction of Terminator 2, in which the last remaining human survivors fight against the onslaught of cyborgs attempting to exterminate humanity.

Rather than using mods to stand in as the Terminators, Cosmic Contrarian uses the next best thing – Fallout 4‘s Synths. The battle primarily takes place in and around Lexington, where a batallion of Commonwealth Minutemen try to hold off the Synth army. Once again, the strain on the computer it’s being played on is palpable, as the fire of laser pistols and miniguns sometimes lag the video down to a mere few frames per second.

While the fight initially looks as though it’s only going to be Synths versus Minutemen and might grow stagnant, watchers should hold on until the video really gets going. The Minutemen aren’t entirely on their own, as it turns out, with a sole survivor based off the T-800 Terminator showing up to help turn the tide of battle.

The Director of Bethesda recently boasted that there’s still a secret that no one has found in Fallout 4 yet, but even so, some might be putting off playing it again until the DLC releases. However, even if the game has grown a bit stagnant for some, videos like these can boggle the mind at what’s possible with mods, console commands, and a computer powerful enough to handle thousands of enemies attempting to annihilate each other. Considering that Bethesda’s official mod support won’t release until April, chances are gamers can expect to see more mods in the future that tweak everything in the Fallout 4 universe, which should make for even crazier videos.

The inventiveness behind the Fallout Battles continues to rise, and they’re always fun to watch. Cosmic Contrarian’s prior fights, like the battle pitting 20,000 Demon Deathclaw against The Brotherhood of Steel have been exciting, but it’s bringing an outside influence into the series helps to keep things fresh.

What kind of fight would you like to see this YouTuber bring to life in Fallout 4 next? Let us know in the comments.

Fallout 4 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: YouTube