Deathclaw Steak, anyone? A Fallout 4 battle video posted on YouTube shows 1,000 deathclaws taking on 10 Liberty Primes in an explosion-riddled scenario.

The Boston Commonwealth in Fallout 4 is teeming with danger, and the top predator in that local food chain is clearly the deathclaw. Any caravans or settlers who run into a nest of deathclaws are immediately the underdog, as the ferocious chameleon-based species annihilate their prey with long claws, savage ferocity, and calculated speed. Every Fallout 4 player will eventually run into them in the wild (our advice: run away when without power armor), so of course, a video involving 1,000 of them piqued our interest.

This isn’t the first mass-scale deathclaw battle we’ve witnessed on YouTube, as we’ve seen over 30,000 glowing deathclaws fight just 300 super mutants before (it’s closer than you think). This time, however, the deathclaws are taking on a very unique opponent: Liberty Prime.

Liberty Prime played a large role in the fight against the Enclave in Fallout 3, and has a potential role to play in Fallout 4 as well. The giant robot features one of the strongest lasers in the game combined with the ability to drop gigantic bombs, and it’s quite a force to be reckoned with. Of course, there’s only one Liberty Prime – but for the sake of explosions, YouTuber EzPlays has spawned 10 of them, since they’re basically a Michael Bay movie incarnate:

Deathclaws are one of the toughest and most horrifying enemies in the entire game, and we routinely run from any encounter we happen to stumble upon (especially if it involves 30,000 of them). It’s clear the AI of Fallout 4 wasn’t quite sure what to do in this combat scenario, as most of the deathclaws seemed to huddle up together, as opposed to charging forward at their maximum speed – which is to say, too damn fast. It’s interesting to note that not a single Liberty Prime fell, which makes us wonder if the simulator actually could have just put one Liberty Prime down against the thousand deathclaws.

Either way, the normally-superior deathclaws were completely reduced to smears, so now fans are left wondering what the next big YouTube combat video will be. We’ve seen ghouls versus super mutants and even an alien invasion, so we’re not sure how many unique scenarios will be left for the new year. There’s no telling what 2016 will bring, although a small part of us really wants that deathclaw companion we wished for at Christmas.

We won’t hold our breath for it, though.

What do you think about the fight, Ranters? Did it end how you expected it to?

Source: YouTube