The Fallout universe is undoubtedly filled with strange creatures and unique creations. Whether it’s mutated beasts such as Mirelurks and Deathclaws, or human-crafted robots like Protectrons and Robobrains, fans of Bethesda‘s highly popular post-apocalyptic franchise are always in for interesting playthroughs due to the Wasteland’s weird and wonderful population of oddities. And as many gamers should expect, Fallout 4 ought to provide just as many, if not more irradiated aberrations than previous installations in the series.

Recently, the development team at Bethesda revealed a collaboration between themselves and Dark Horse Comics to release an art book (The Art of Fallout 4) for Fallout 4 this November once the RPG goes on sale. The collectible compendium will contain upwards of 180 pages of concept designs, illustrations, and drawings, including the game’s environments and landmarks from Boston, its characters, as well as detailed renderings of the title’s wide-ranging selection of weaponry, all with developer commentary for a richer idea of Fallout 4‘s world.

Today, via the studio’s official Twitter account, Bethesda has announced that their artists created twice the amount of game assets for Fallout 4 than they did for Skyrim. In doing so, the company also has revealed four new images pulled from the aforementioned The Art of Fallout 4, two of which focus on and introduce Generation 2 Synths.

For the uninitiated, Synths are basically synthetic humanoids, which have also been referred to as androids within the series. Fallout 3¬†players will remember that Harkness, Rivet City’s security chief is a synth, as is Armitage, the bodyguard of Dr. Zimmer who prompts the Replicated Man quest. And if gaming fans look closely enough at that first image the mysterious stranger near Fenway Park’s bazaar, they’ll notice that the man in the trench-coat’s right arm below the cuff shows off a metal, skeletal base for a robotic hand.

As seen in the gallery above in Bethesda’s Tweet, the art is meticulously crafted, and depicts the Generation 2 Synths as having painstakingly constructed wiring and an intricate framework beneath their artificial skin. Bethesda also offers up a marvelous digital painting of a bridge and barge, in addition to a clean, smooth-looking render of the Brotherhood of the Steel’s iconic T-51 Power Armor.

If anything, these new stills ought to generate enough excitement in Fallout 4 fans to power the entire East Coast until the game finally becomes available. It’s obvious that the title will be a hit once it releases, for when Fallout 4‘s Pip-Boy Edition went back on sale after previously being out of stock indefinitely, Bethesda’s online store sold out again almost instantaneously. Even though it’s still too early to definitively say so, with all of the material¬†being shown off by Bethesda being stellar thus far, it seems as if Fallout 4 might be the front-runner for game of the year.

Fallout 4 is set to release on November 10, 2015 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox 360.

Source: Twitter (via GameZone)