Fallout 4 Art Book Features Mr. Handy, Power Armor, & More


Bethesda releases fifteen never-before-seen images featuring concept artwork and designs for Fallout 4 which will be available in the game's official art book.

Today, Bethesda shared fresh samples from its 368-page art book, The Art of Fallout 4, of which has been produced in cooperation with book publisher Dark House Press. The newly revealed images show renders of Fallout 4's friendly robot companion Mr. Handy, designs for the game's iconic Brotherhood of the Steel power armor, a look at preliminary sketches of post-apocalyptic environments, and so much more.

The Fallout 4 developer also posted the collection's foreword written by lead artist Istvan Pely in whole on its blog, which is sourced at the bottom of the article. In the book's preamble, Pely touches on the collaborative nature of Bethesda's small development team, and stresses how important it is for fans to remember that the fully fleshed ideas found in the studio's games come from individuals' hard work, as well as the occasionally unforeseen inspiration, saying:

“Creating art is a very personal thing. Every individual who works here puts a little bit of him or herself into the game. A project of this complexity and scope requires extensive planning, structure, and organization, but our best work comes from the cumulative result of all these personal touches made by many creative individuals. You will encounter numerous things of this kind during your travels in the Wasteland—things that might have originated as an unexpected but inspired doodle or a little idea that an individual or group came up with, were passionate about, and then added to the game.”

Eagle-eyed viewers of the gallery below will find some interesting little blurbs about the decisions made for the visuals, such as the text found on the homemade guns page. After enlarging the picture, fans will be able to see the print, reading, "We approached these designs from the point of view of a resourceful Wastelander who knows nothing about guns but is trying to make gun-like contraptions."

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Bethesda's given fans a sneak peek of the post-apocalyptic game's concept art before, as the studio used the promotion of its art book back in August to unveil blueprints and models for Fallout 4's updated Generation 2 synths, of which many will agree as appearing unsettling when completely broken down. Now, of course, considering today's slew of stills, the Super Mutants might take the cake as being the creepiest creatures in the game thus far.

Fans that wish to buy The Art of Fallout 4's regular version can do so for $50, while a Limited Edition copy can be obtained for $85. Although both are a tad pricey, many hardcore Fallout fans will definitely consider either book's purchase a necessity for their Vault's collection.

Fallout 4 is set for release on November 10, 2015 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, while The Art of Fallout 4 will be available on December 22, 2015 on the Bethesda Store's website.

Source: (via GamesRadar)

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