A YouTuber named Cosmic Contrarian has made a video imagining an alien invasion in the Fallout 4 universe, complete with the in-game alien models and voice acting.

Bethesda Softworks gave itself a double-edged sword when it developed Fallout 4 on the Creation Engine. It may be stagnant on the graphical front and have a handful of physics issues, but the engine is also highly robust and extremely mod-friendly. Thanks to the latter, Fallout 4 fans have been producing everything from customizable weapon racks to epic-scale NPC battles, and the creativity has shown no signs of slowing down.

A recent ten-minute video by Cosmic Contrarian imagines a small scale alien invasion, a step-down from his usual videos which can sometimes feature over 10,000 NPCs. The video kicks things off with an alien crash-landing and things escalate quickly from there, as a full-on invasion begins to take place in Diamond City – where Takahashi just wanted to make some noodles for everyone.

The below video may be a little lacking in the voice acting department, but Cosmic Contrarian gets it spot-on when he makes a comment that ‘negotiations broke down’. The YouTuber explained that many of his fans had been asking for storylines behind the battle videos he puts up, and this was his effort to cater to those requests.

Here’s the Fallout 4 Alien Invasion in its entirety:

Any gamer surprised to see alien models in the game will be happy to hear that they’re not without purpose, and that a powerful weapon called the alien blaster pistol can be found within the game. The event is triggered by somewhat random events, but those with the patience to wait will be rewarded with one of the funnest pistols of the game, and the revelation that life beyond a radioactive wasteland is evidently possible.

The existence of aliens isn’t new to the series, as Fallout 3 not only contained a crashed UFO, and later featured a DLC expansion pack called Mothership Zeta that allowed players to venture into a spacecraft and meet other abductees from various periods of time. Whether there’s more to the aliens than a classic abducting villain stereotype is anyone’s guess, but at least they leave behind some fantastic weapons on occasion.

Many fans left comments behind on the Cosmic Contrarian channel asking for large-scale battles featuring the aliens attacking Diamond City, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see the YouTuber push out some more laser-filled action sequences. He did mention that large-scale battles will continue, so with or without our alien friends, there’ll be more laser-filled content coming soon.

What do you think about the Fallout 4 alien invasion, Ranters?

Source: Cosmic Contrarian – YouTube