One incredibly creative Fallout 4 fan constructs a 3D printed model of the action-RPG’s popular robotic butler and in-game companion known as Codsworth.

Artist, photographer, and avid Fallout 4 fan Mark Mosinski decided to utilize his time wisely in between his sessions visiting the nuked-out Boston landmarks in Besthesda’s post-apocalyptic game by creating a 3D printed figure of Codsworth, the Sole Survivor’s robotic butler. According to Mosinski, it took him over 3 weeks in total to complete the project, and the effort was well worth it, because the final product is positively impressive.

After spending loads of his spare hours printing, sanding, and painting, the Fallout 4 fan ended up crafting a Codsworth model on par with a high-quality toy that Bethesda could sell in its online store. For instance, not only does the replica stand at approximately 9 inches tall, but it also sports fully articulated appendages, a stellar paint job, and is a perfect likeness of the original character.

Aside from the manpower put into creating the Codsworth model, Mosinski explained that the actual materials used for the figure weren’t costly, as he bought a 1 kilogram spool for $25 off of Amazon and used roughly 1/3 of it for a total price of about $9 applied to the statue itself. Of course, the most expensive object used in the whole operation was the 3D printer (it runs for about $1,085 online), so if fans have the means to make their own like Mosinski did, they can get a decent idea of what the process would be like by looking through the gallery below.


Mosinski’s Codsworth creation isn’t the first case of a Fallout 4 fan taking it upon themselves to make a 3D printed model of in-game assets. As it happens, one person fashioned a fully-functional homemade Pip-Boy 3000 Mark IV with a 3D printer in order to celebrate the action-RPG before it was released. Needless to say, both works are spectacular, but the latter takes the cake as being more utilitarian as it has the potential to be wielded for Vault Dweller cosplay.

Naturally, 3D printers aren’t a commodity that everyone can afford, so some Fallout 4 fans have been thrifty with their real-world reproductions of items from the game. For example, one person went decidedly low-tech and successfully preordered the title with a collection of beer bottle caps that weighed roughly 11.2 pounds. Then there was fan who took a similar tack and used stuff that was already plentiful in their lives by making the game’s workshop in LEGO form.

The fact that so many people have dedicated their leisure time to assembling homages to¬†Fallout 4 is evidence of Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic series being more than just a video game to its fans. With any luck, we’ll continue to see folks inspired to express themselves after being spurred to do so by their favorite elements from the game.

Fallout 4 is out now and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit (via GamesRadar)