Fallout 4 remains one of, if not, the most anticipated game of the year. With the last Bethesda developed Fallout game launching back in 2008, fans have been eagerly anticipating any sort of news or detail to come out about the upcoming game since its reveal at E3 2015. With big changes like voice acting and crafting having already been revealed previously, fans are eager for even more information.

Even though Bethesda has commented that there would be no more story based reveals in the months and weeks leading up to the Fallout 4 launch, fans are still getting details about certain game mechanics and potential changes to gameplay. One recently revealed tidbit about the new leveling system in place acts as even more evidence that fans will be playing this game for a very long time.

After a recent interview with a Bethesda representative, details surrounding how perk levels are factored into the experience system have been revealed…

“You’ll still level up via XP, and each level increase will still give you a point to spend on a perk, but now those perks have varying XP levels of their own. It’s perk-ception, essentially, and means that, should you theoretically play long enough to max out every tier of every single one gaining untold buffs and no doubt all kinds of horrendous real-world illnesses in the process – you’ll top off with a total of 275.”

Basically, players will be gaining experience not just towards their character, but each individual perks as well. Every perk comes with different experience levels and after each additional level is gained, new bonuses will unlock. In order to max out every perk, the player would need to level up 275 times, something which should take a while to pull off.

The revamped perk system was originally hinted at by Bethesda’s VP of Marketing, Pete Hines, during GamesCom earlier in August, revealing that the system is tied in directly with the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats that players choose at the beginning of the game. Additionally, Hines also revealed that if players opt to max out a stat such as strength, they may have the ability to use a specific perk other gamers might not have access to right away.

Fallout 4 Combat

Fans should now be starting to realize what Betheda meant when they revealed that Fallout 4 does not have a level cap like previous games. With 275 perk levels to gain in addition to character based XP to acquire, players should have more incentive and motivation to keep playing long after the story concludes.

Gamers eager to get a jump start on the character building progress should have a look at a Fallout 4 inspired character creation tool. Currently, the tool lets players plug 21 skill points into the seven S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stat categories which will update the perk system in real time. While the full perk list isn’t yet known, the tool allows players to get a sneak peak at certain builds as additional tool functionality is updated over time. Once the game has launched, the user responsible for the page has promised to make it a one stop destination for everything Fallout 4.

What do you think of this new leveling system? How long do you think you’ll be playing Fallout 4? Let us know below in the comments.

Fallout 4 releases on November 10 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Gamepur (via Official Xbox Magazine)