About a month ago, the mod team known as Road to Liberty released a trailer for its Fallout 3 remake mod dubbed “Capital Wasteland,” showing fans how the project looks within the Creation Engine used for the most recent entry in the post-apocalyptic RPG franchise, Fallout 4. Now the team has provided an update on the mod by putting out some fresh pre-alpha gameplay highlighting Capital Wasteland’s recreation of one of the original title’s quests and its Metro Tunnels.

As displayed below in the latest video for Road to Liberty’s Fallout 3 remake mod, the project looks to be making huge progress, with the Metro Tunnels appearing to be gloriously destroyed and disheveled with a nice current-gen polish. What’s more is that it’s fun to see the Lone Wanderer come across one of the original title’s main quests – that is, Galaxy News Radio – after stumbling out of the Metro Tunnels and into the streets to help the elite Brotherhood of Steel squad of Sentinel Sara Lyon’s Pride battle a handful of troublesome Super Mutants.

Without a doubt, Road to Liberty’s Fallout 3 remake mod with Capital Wasteland is quite fantastic and ambitious to say the least, but there may be some out there who would rather see an updated version of another older entry in the post-apocalyptic RPG’s lineage come to be. As it so happens, there’s another equally impressive New Vegas mod in the works that aims to bring all of the Obsidian Entertainment-developed game into Fallout 4.

Taking all of this into consideration, with major video game companies like Bethesda being too busy developing new games to work on these kinds of remake and remaster projects that fans desire, players can at least be thankful for diligent and dedicated mod teams like Road to Liberty to make them a reality. With any luck, Capital Wasteland will come to fruition sooner rather than later, and it will hopefully remind Fallout fans why the third entry deserves to be revisited.

Fallout 3 is currently available on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

Source: Wonderside – YouTube