Sony’s grand unveiling of the PlayStation 4 provided gamers with a look at several aspects of the platform, but the actual hardware itself was unexpectedly absent from the festivities. While a glimpse of the system’s impending software lineup and touchscreen-equipped controller managed to satisfy gamers, the lack of the actual console left many fans scratching their heads.

With the bulk of Sony followers longing to see what the PS4 console will actually look like, imagine the chagrin of Sony when a very authentic looking trailer hit the web claiming to display the platform’s never before seen design.

PlayStation aficionados were quick to point out several flaws within the trailer that simply didn’t stack up with Sony’s easily overlooked marketing trademarks (i.e. the shape of the infamous PlayStation symbols), which instantly made it dismissible for those with an eye for such things. That said, the trailer’s production value was high enough to warrant questioning the console manufacturer about the trailer’s validity.

PS4 Console

Sony was quick to verify that the trailer, rumored to have been a leaked presentation of what the company had lined up for E3 2013, is indeed fake, but that doesn’t diminish the enjoyability factor of the video any less. If anything, it’s a testament to how excited the PlayStation community is for Sony’s imminent next-gen console, and gamers won’t be waiting much longer to see it for themselves.

Fans can expect to see the actual PlayStation 4 unit during Sony’s E3 press conference in less than a month’s time, along with a handful of new software that’s in development for the system, which will finally put speculation about the console’s actual design to rest. Still, the design of the fictitious PS4 was a pretty modern, sleek, and generally appealing one, so gamers will definitely be eager to see if Sony can top it with the actual platform.

PlayStation 4 is set to release in Holiday 2013.

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Source: Kotaku

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