It looks like either the wily folks over at Electronic Arts or one die-hard Battlefield 3 enthusiast is playing a little joke on Modern Warfare 3 fans by redirecting the URL to the official Battlefield site. Most likely not owned by either Activision or any of the Battlefield 3 team, it’s presumed this URL was purchased by a die-hard Battlefield fan who wants nothing more than to see Modern Warfare 3 dethroned.

While Activision was in ownership of the official Modern Warfare 2 URL, perhaps after the situation with former Infinity Ward members West and Zampella didn’t pan out, they decided that the “Modern Warfare” brand would fizzle out.

Little did they know that a newly revitalized Infinity Ward, along with a helping hand from Sledgehammer Games, would be continuing the story of the second and first game, only with a much larger scope and scale.

Though this harmful little jab at Modern Warfare 3 might get some fans of the series flustered, it’s more something to chuckle at rather than to get to worked up over. After Black Ops opened to record numbers, and with Modern Warfare 3 pre-orders on track to surpass Black Ops, Battlefield 3 is the clear underdog and therefore the better candidate to be delivering some harmless potshots at their competition.

And let us not forget some of the more notable parodies of the Call of Duty franchise, like the Duty Calls game that was created as a promotion for Bulletstorm. It’s all fun and games for something like a URL redirect, but originally the Modern Warfare 3 site featured some scathing words about the title and a claim of Battlefield 3’s supremacy.

Now, it’s a little milder dig at Modern Warfare, but still a dig nonetheless. Things are only starting to heat up in the battle for FPS dominance, and this is only the beginning.

Had you visited the Modern Warfare 3 URL before it was changed to the Battlefield redirect? Do you think there is a place for developers/publishers to take pot shots at each other through parody videos and the like?

Source: (via Eurogamer)