Microsoft Turns to Arbitration Board to Close Fake 'Halo 4' Beta Site

Microsoft Going After Fake Halo 4 Site

It was not that long ago that many hopeful Halo fans were duped into thinking they were signing up for a Halo 4 beta, before 343 Industries' David Ellis put that whole issue to bed by proclaiming the beta registration site a fake. However, that site still exists, and is in the hands of people who clearly want to do some damage, but Microsoft wants that to change and is prepared to do something about it.

Much like the Modern Warfare 3 URL situation that occurred last year, which if you'll remember pointed towards the official Battlefield 3 site before Activision stepped in and was awarded rights to the URL, Microsoft is turning to the National Arbitration Board for help in not just getting this website shut down for good, but turning it over to their hands. As the site is now suspended, clearly this move with the NAB has got the site's original owner worried.

According to Fusible, the Arbitration Board has to find malicious intent for the URL to be turned over to Microsoft, and we'd have to say promising beta entry for one of 2012's most anticipated games and not delivering pretty cruel. Obviously a URL like this should be gone over with a fine tooth comb, but after a rumored screen within Halo Anniversary made us believe a Halo 4 multiplayer beta was coming, it's easy to see why some were fooled.

However, now with an official Halo 4 beta URL in their possession Microsoft might be inclined to offer another sneak peak at the game. It's been quite a long time, E3 2011 in fact, since gamers have seen anything from the game, which makes us wonder if it's still an Xbox 360 title.

Expect judgment from the Arbitration Board to be passed swiftly, and in favor of Microsoft, and then in celebration maybe fans will get their wish and 343 will show something more from this game.

Did the fake Halo 4 beta signup site at all fool you? Should Microsoft share some more Halo 4 news in celebration?

Halo 4 is targeting a Holiday 2012 release on the Xbox 360.

Source: Fusible


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