Former Director Shares Details on Failed 'BioShock' Film Adaptation

Failed BioShock Adaptation Details

The BioShock movie, at least for now, is dead. It's current iteration that was being crafted under Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo just couldn't quite get to a point where there was any traction.

As such, the project is now in a holding pattern with Fresnadillo, like Gore Verbinski before him, moving on to direct other films. But, before Fresnadillo completely wipes his hands clean of the BioShock property, IGN sat down with him to get his thoughts on the property, and to find out what makes BioShock unique amongst a wide variety of adaptations.

First and foremost, Fresnadillo wanted to give his vision of the BioShock movie, which would have been very much grounded in reality. Sure, Irrational Games' title has a very expansive imagination, but part of luring in a typical film-going audience is giving them some tangible elements to hold on to.

Fresnadillo also believes very strongly that BioShock could only exist as an R-rated film. The violence in the BioShock universe has always been quite unique, but also quite bloody, so it would make sense to keep the film R to preserve that. Unfortunately, it seems like with both Verbinski and Fresnadillo's stabs at the adaptation, the R rating was the biggest roadblock. Oftentimes an R-rating for something that is meant to skew younger can be the "kiss of death" and in this case it certainly was.

Still, Fresnadillo holds out hope that BioShock will be the film adaptation that breaks the mold of bad video game adaptations (we can't forget Prince of Persia fast enough) because Irrational Games created such a rich world. It would be important to stick to the story beats that have already been established, but it would be how they connect all of that information in two hours or so that determines how successful the film is. Hopefully something can come of this failed attempt, because BioShock has a strong cinematic quality as a video game, making its film potential that much more viable.

Do you hope to one day see BioShock adapted to the big screen? What elements are important to preserving the spirit of the video game (i.e. R rating)?

Source: IGN


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