Facebook Games Addiction Investigated By Survey


Marketing firm Lightspeed Research has conducted a survey that concluded that 17% of Facebook gamers consider themselves to be "addicted."  These are the people who bombard your news feed with Farmville and Mafia Wars updates.

It is very easy for some people to get sucked into social gaming. The games are free and integrate with the features of Facebook. Social gaming has taken off in the past few years, and the games have become more and more elaborate with each developed title. Harvesting crops and tending to your farm or watching over your pet can quickly consume hours of your life if you allow it. Since Facebook is a social network used by a multitude of people every single day at all times of the day, its games have the potential to reach a huge number of players.

The survey states that two-thirds of respondents play one or two social games five days a week, while a third of respondents play daily. It was also shown that people aged 55 to 64 play more than people aged 18 to 34 years. Those aged 18 to 34 are more likely than 55 to 64 year old players to power up the Xbox 360, Wii, or PS3. The casual nature and ease of entry of a lot of Facebook games make them more attractive to older players. Older people may not be in touch with modern gaming, and many use social gaming as an alternative method of satisfying their desire to play games.

Facebook games are used as stress relievers and a form of escapism for many. Once some people try them out, they become very comfortable and addicted to operating in the world of the game. Social gaming addiction combines the typical gaming addiction with internet addiction. Many companies are taking advantage of Facebook gamers through promotions that capitalize on the market. Some of these "addicted" gamers are even using real money for fake money to improve their status in these games.

Ranters, are any of you big Facebook gamers? Do you consider yourself addicted to Facebook games?

Source: Kotaku

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