Facebook App Invades 7-11 Stores

To be fair, it's not one Facebook Application, it's Zynga Games - the producers of many of the most popular Facebook Applications out there. Zynga recently announced their partnership with the 7-11 chain of stores, which will see about 7,000 stores participating in the campaign. It is the biggest crossover between Facebook and real life merchandise we've ever seen.

Starting June 1, you won't be able to have a slushee or get some ice cream without looking at FarmVille, Mafia Wars or YoVille. They're not just pasting their digital faces on there for no reason, mind you - each sponsored product will have a redeemable code that you can use in the game. It's reported that there will be over 30 unique codes, but there's no news yet on what they'll be used for.

With virtually everyone having a Facebook account, it's a great idea for the company to draw some attention to their already-popular games, and encourage activity with the general populace. 7-11 will be advertising for the campaign by radio, print and commercial airtime.

Rita Bargerhuff, the chief marketing officer of 7-11, was excited for the deal and explained it as "one of the most unique campaigns in the store's history." She further noted that the promotion "gives over 30 product incentives to Zynga's 239 million monthly activate users."

To be frank, I knew Zynga was big, but that number is quite astounding - I know a few application addicts, and I could totally see them purposely buying FarmVille-sponsored products so they could get some free FarmVille stuff. Heck, if I saw Marcus Fenux on a bag of milk I'd probably get it! Vish Makhijani, the senior vice president of business at Zynga, was also excited at his end of the deal:

"Through our promotion with 7-Eleven, we are expanding our reach and making our games more accessible to consumers."

Facebook Applications are already pretty common and mainstream, but now that they'll be on shelves near you soon, they might have their share of the market in the bag. And do you know what kind of bag it is? It's a bag of money.

What do you think about Zynga games having their Facebook Applications on products near you?

Source: VentureBeat

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