'Angry Birds' Finally Heading to Facebook, Significant Changes in Store

Angry Birds Facebook Release Date

As if there wasn't already enough ways to play and iterations of Angry Birds, Rovio is proudly announcing today that the popular bacon-making simulation will be coming to Facebook on February 14th, a.k.a. Valentine's Day. But, like with all of the new platform additions, Rovio isn't simply porting Angry Birds to Facebook they are making an entire event out of it.

If you'll remember Rovio was initially trying to get a Facebook port out back in May 2011, but circumstances were working against them — or perhaps they hadn't cleared their launch party in Jakarta. Thankfully now the game is back on track and coming soon.

First, and probably most decadent of all, Rovio will be hosting a launch party for Angry Birds (yes, a launch party) in Jakarta, Indonesia, statistically the country with the second most Facebook users. No idea why they wouldn't go with the first, but clearly Rovio is all about the pageantry.

Angry Birds on Facebook will also be receiving a significant mechanic and gameplay overhaul that should include new birds, new power-ups, and other content. But don't expect this to all be at your fingertips at launch, as it is being announced some of this content will be unlocked via micro-transactions. Hopefully it's more of an "unlock the Mighty Eagle" thing, rather than a Farmville thing.

Perhaps the biggest incentive for playing Angry Birds on Facebook is the interaction between friends (not the kind on Google+ though) — trying to outdo each other's furthest completed level or crowning achievement. There's currently no word on how Facebook will interact with Angry Birds, however, so it could be as bare bones or as extensive as Rovio allows it to be.

What more can be said about Angry Birds that hasn't been said the world over, it's immensely popular and has probably been played by nearly everyone who owns a mobile phone.. The game's coming to Facebook next month, and with it will come some new added flourishes, some of which will need to be unlocked using currency. It's just that simple.

Are you ready to play Angry Birds on yet another platform? What additions would you like to see for this Facebook edition?

Angry Birds releases for Facebook on February 14, 2012.

Source: Gamasutra

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