One of the somewhat controversial highlights during Microsoft’s E3 press conference this year was the reveal of Fable: The Journey, a new Fable game from Lionhead Studios that uses the Kinect to immerse players in the fiction world of Albion. Many who witnessed the reveal of the game are still very skeptical however, and it seems that the new title’s debut left more questions than answers. That’s why it’s not overly surprising to hear that Fable: The Journey was only about four months into the coding process when it debuted.

Peter Molyneux admitted that Lionhead Studios hadn’t really been working on Fable: The Journey for very long, and that the demo at E3 contained “huge faults” that were still in the process of being ironed out. Molyneux did assure fans that even though the quality of the game isn’t quite where it should be that a better version would be ready in a few short months. Mark your calendars, because Mr. Molyneux stated that a¬†more finite version of what to expect from the final game should be ready for Gamescon in August.

“This project really only started, well in earnest it started about seven months ago and we started coding about four months ago.¬†Microsoft came to us and said ‘could you do a core game for Kinect,’ and we had been working on Milo, done a lot of work with the seated stuff, relaxed gameplay, and voice and gesturing and all of that stuff so we had that in the bank.”

“The first thing we did was switching from Fable tech to using Unreal, and this is the result, that demo. The quality isn’t quite there, and we haven’t had enough time to fulfil all our ambitions, but come Gamescom our ambition is to give you something to play with.”

The behind-closed-doors preview that Game Rant had with Fable: The Journey during this year’s E3 made us seem optimistic about the controller-less title, but it’ll be interesting to see what Peter Molyneux and the rest of the gang at Lionhead Studios has planned for the final version of the game.

The demos brought down a storm of negative reaction about the game being “on rails” but as a result of that, Moleneux and co. made entrants to the behind-closed-doors demos of Fable: The Journey sign a wall after the demo that said game was not on rails. This was no doubt in reaction to the mixed responses to the presentation and now they must work in controls that let the player move around freely.

The Kinect sensor is certainly capable of some very cool stuff, and after seeing Milo in action, it would appear that Lionhead already has a pretty good idea of how to use the technology.

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Source: Official Xbox Magazine