Lionhead Studios confirms that servers for the cancelled Fable Legends will stay on until April 13, and those that spent money on it will be refunded.

Yesterday brought with it shocking news for fans of Fable and Fable Legends. It was then that Microsoft announced that celebrated developer Lionhead Studios would likely shut down, and that the game it was developing, Fable Legends, would be cancelled just before its planned release. Lionhead has started getting in touch with those that have played the Fable Legends beta, offering more information on how this process will unfold.

The servers for Fable Legends – an asymmetric co-op multiplayer Fable spin-off game for the uninitiated – will shut down on April 13th. Fans of the game have until that time to play, and anyone curious about what it would entail prior to its cancellation are also free to check it out before the servers close.

Since Fable Legends was a free-to-play game, it was to be financially supported via microtransactions. These microtransactions, wherein players used real world money to purchase fictional gold, were already on sale in the beta. Since the full version of Fable Legends is never seeing release and the beta is ending in a month’s time, Lionhead has announced that gold is no longer purchasable, and anyone that has already purchased gold will be refunded. E-mails will be sent out within the week to those that have purchased gold in Fable Legends, which will provide further details on how to be refunded.

Fable Legends' Villain Creatures

While fans of the game are probably still upset about its sudden cancellation and the closure of Lionhead Studios, at least refunds are being sent out. It may come as small consolation for Fable Legends enthusiasts, but it’s certainly better than nothing, and should make some fans feel better about having spent money on a game that will soon no longer exist.

Furthermore, keeping the servers on until April 13th should help those that have been playing the game get their fill before the servers are shut down forever. It also gives gamers that have yet to see what Fable Legends is all about the chance to try the game, and decide if it is something that they see potential in or not.

Even so, it’s still sad to see Fable Legends get the axe after three years in development. While there were many Fable fans that voiced negative opinions about the game’s change in direction from the core Fable franchise, there were others that seemed to enjoy its asymmetric multiplayer trappings. At one point, it seemed as though Microsoft had a lot of faith in the project as well, as Fable Legends was meant to have a five to 10 year lifespan, so it will be interesting to learn what soured the company on the project in the coming weeks.

Fable Legends was in development for PC and Xbox One, but the game has now been cancelled.

Source: Game Informer