‘Fable Legends’ is Only ‘Season One’ of the Entire Game

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There hasn’t been too much in the way of news on Fable Legends since the game was revealed during this year’s Gamescom. Fans have been told that they can anticipate 4-player co-op throughout the game’s entirety, although that much was made apparent by the game’s reveal trailer, and the overall tone appears to be much different than previous iterations.

Lionhead Studios knows that the impending Xbox One exclusive is a big departure from the series’ tried and true formula, and went so far as to claim that the project is incredibly ambitious out of necessity. According to the dev, Fable Legends will have a 5-10 year lifespan depending on how successful it is, so it comes as no surprise to learn that the title’s initial launch will be followed up with copious amounts of DLC.

IGN recently chatted with the director of Fable Legends, David Eckelberry, and the Lionhead Studios staff member made some comments pertaining to the episodic nature of the forthcoming title — suggesting that the main game is only season one of Fable Legends.

“The storyline is absolutely there and very important. Of course there’s a higher purpose with a broad storyline that combines the various quests. But we tell new stories all the time. That’s the beauty of episodic content.”

“We don’t want Fable Legends to stop when you finish the game. You should think about seasons and episodes. Fable Legends might just be Season One and we can add new quests and stories in the future, in the form of DLC for example.”

Based solely on the fact that actual gameplay footage hasn’t been released, Fable Legends is likely still a while off. With the shadow of the Xbox One now firmly cast over its fan base, more details on software (launch or otherwise) for the next-gen console will be revealed sooner rather than later. For now, however, the forthcoming installment in the Fable series will assuredly remain one of the most anticipated games for Microsoft’s next-gen platform.

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Source: IGN