‘Fable Legends’ Announced At Gamescom [UPDATED]

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[Update: Check out the trailer and details for Fable Legends here!]

As the fight for console supremacy prepares to enter full-force, it’s each manufacturer’s exclusive franchises and titles that many seem to think will tip the scales. Sony has gone with trusted exclusives and an indie-friendly marketplace, while Microsoft is spending – and spending big – to land exclusive triple-A releases. But one of their own reliable RPGs has been missing from the conversation; that might be about to change.

After domains for a game titled Fable Legends were discovered shifting to Microsoft’s servers, and big announcements expected during this week at Gamescom 2013 in Germany, could the next game in the storied Fable series be set to debut on the Xbox One?

The reported domains were spotted by notorious Internet sleuth Superannuation – specifically ‘FableLegends.com’ and ‘FableLegends.net’ when they were moved onto Microsoft’s servers. The possibility for a social, mobile, or some other form of game is always up for debate, but we’d be surprised if this wasn’t a full-fledged console release.

It wasn’t long ago that fans expected to see Fable 4 announced at E3 2013, after a brand new forum was launched for the franchise. That excitement only amounted to the announcement of Fable Anniversary, an HD remake of the first game in the series. Yet Anniversary still left several questions unanswered, like the still-unexplained job postings at Lionhead Studios that hinted they were working on an MMO-esque RPG title.

Fable Legends Anniversary Announcement

Given that even the ill-executed Fable: The Journey hasn’t tempered fan demand for a true sequel to Fable III, another installment in the series seems to be just a matter of time. If the game is determined to ‘reimagine’ the franchise as seems to be the case, then what better time than the launch of a new console?

The early word was that Microsoft would be announcing a major exclusive this week, and a quick glance at the roster of first-party titles leaves few options that seem more likely than a Fable sequel. Some are claiming that the rumored European FIFA 14 bundle has been the surprise in question all along, but others maintain an exclusive has yet to be announced.

[UPDATE: Microsoft announced Fable Legends at their Gamescom conference. It’s a four player co-op experience that is will be recognizable to Fable fans, but is not supposed to be Fable 4. We’ll post more details soon.]

We’ll keep you updated on this, and any other news arriving from Gamescom 2013. For now, sound off on your own hopes for a new Fable.


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Source: Superannuation