Fable III Limited Edition Wireless Controller Puts the Power In Your Hands

Fable III Limited Edition Wireless Controller Puts the Power In Your Hands

Controlling your own destiny is about to get a little sweeter. This October, the release of the Fable III Limited Edition Wireless Controller will allow fans to reign over Albion in style. The golden cloaked controller will feature one-of-a-kind artwork created by Lionhead Studios, special for the Xbox 360 exclusive title. Boxed in collectible packaging, the controller will also come with an Xbox LIVE token, good for an exclusive in-game downloadable tattoo to further customize your character’s appearance.

A direct tribute to one of the core ideas behind the new game, this controller brings to life the regal crown of Albion, one of the many incredible pieces of concept art created during the production of Fable III. The hand-painted artwork wraps around the contours of the controller creating the perfect fit, as fans journey from rebel to ruler. This limited edition controller will be available when Fable III launches on October 26, while supplies last.

As early photos indicate, this is an amazing looking controller. The artwork fits perfectly within the world of Fable. I think this is a good marketing move by Lionhead Studios, as it is an excellent way for them to hype the game. There may not be mass appeal for another plastic controller, especially with the new iterations of all of the music games being released this Fall. However, this is a limited edition. They are aiming for a niche market, and although there is some overlap, RPG fans are not necessarily the hardcore rhythm gamers. This would also be a nice gift idea for devotees of the franchise. My concern would be that since this a limited edition, would it still be around for someone to buy as a Christmas gift?

So far, there is no indication of how much the controller will cost. It is also not clear if the controller will be available bundled together with the game. What we do know is that this is a sweet addition to the much anticipated RPG.

Ranters, would do you think about this new Fable III Limited Edition Controller? Are you salivating, or can you reign Albion without it?

Fable III will be available in a Standard Edition and Limited Collector’s Edition for Xbox 360 on October 26, 2010.

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