'Fable Coin Golf' Coming to Windows Phone 7

Fable Coin Golf Windows Phone 7

There are many games that attempt to extend their experience via cheaper bite-sized offerings that somehow tie into the overall story. While background info is great, what gamers can really benefit from is connectivity, and one property that has been able to do that very well is the Fable series. Microsoft's newest foray into that mini-game arena is titled Fable Coin Golf and should keep many gamers distracted from their daily responsibilities. Much like the Pub Games of Fable 2, Fable Coin Golf allows players to earn Fable 3 currency via the virtual “greens” of their Windows 7 Phone.

Announced during Microsoft’s CES presentation, Fable Coin Golf is going to be the game-on-the-go that helps players keep their virtual wallets growing even while at work. Unfortunately, beyond a title and its benefits, there was no reveal as to how Fable Coin Golf would work on the phone.

For those who haven’t played through any of the Fable games, Coin Golf is a relatively simple mini-game that uses the basic rules of golf, but with an interesting twist. Using a bar room table, the player is tasked with flipping a coin into different size cups in a certain amount of turns. Each cup has its own par, or number of turns that the player is expected to use to succeed. Coin Golf was one of the many mini-games that helped players earn some extra cash to customize their in-game mansions.

While there are rumors that Fable Coin Golf will include more than just the Coin Golf mini-game, for now it’s safe to assume that it’s just the one. Along with those rumors are also some rumblings of more unlockables coming tied to the mobile title. Considering Lionhead’s proclivity for secret equipment and skills, it’s a fair bet that Fable Coin Golf might not just be about the coins.

Though releasing this game around the same time as the UK exclusive Fable Kingmaker app might have been the more appropriate decision, Fable Coin Golf’s announcement could convince a few on-the-fence gamers to go out and pick up Fable 3. Stick tuned to Game Rant for more news on Fable Coin Golf and hopefully footage of the mobile version in action.

Releasing some months after Fable 3’s initial launch, do you think there is still a market for Fable Coin Golf on a Windows Phone 7? How do you feel about Windows Phone 7 minigames that connect to your Xbox 360 titles?

Source: Joystiq

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