‘Fable Anniversary’ Trailer Showcases 10 Years of Progress

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With each massive step forward in video game graphics and presenation, there is always a cry for HD remakes of games that just missed the cut to being a part of the newest generation. Although the bulk of excitement for HD remakes is currently focused on games from just a year ago like Tomb Raider or The Last of Us (if fans get their way), action RPG enthusiasts are looking forward to revisiting the world of a game that is just a bit older than that…

Ten years ago, the initial game in the Fable series was released on the original Xbox and players had their first chance to choose between good and evil. Now, a decade later, Lionhead Studios is ready (after a short delay) to release a freshly polished version of the classic Xbox title for the Xbox 360.

The remastered version of the game, titled Fable Anniversary, includes improved visuals for the original game and The Lost Chapters content. The latest gameplay trailer highlights the many improvements that Anniversary brings to the iconic action RPG.

The trailer cuts back and forth between the original Xbox version of Fable and the new Anniversary edition. It’s unlikely that fans of the original really needed any additional reasons to be excited to replay the game, but the crisp remastered footage in the trailer may actually be enticing enough to draw in some new players.

Fable Legends Anniversary Announcement

In addition to the obvious improved visuals, Fable Anniversary also brings remastered audio and new achievements to the table. When you factor in the value of the additional The Lost Chapters content, that’s a pretty decent package for $40.

Although it’s unfortunate that the remake is currently only slated for an Xbox 360 release, we are still pretty excited about how great the HD touch-ups look. A PC port hasn’t been officially ruled out by Lionhead, but so far only the 360 version has been revealed to the public.

We will be interested to see if Fable Anniversary is able to find a market outside of the pre-existing nostalgic fanbase. Although the improved graphics are definitely eye-catching, most of what made Fable so unique back in 2004 is commonplace these days.

Star Wars: The Old Republic and inFamous are just two examples from an enormous catalog of games released in recent years that allow players to make good or evil decisions that impact the world around them. It’s quite possible that the hook of Fable’s gimmick just won’t seem as special to a new generation of gamers.

Are you interested in revisiting Fable or would you prefer to play a new game? Sound off in the comments.


Fable Anniversary will be released on February 4, 2014 in North America and February 7, 2014 throughout Europe. The game is currently exclusive to the Xbox 360 platform.

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