Fable IV, Duke Nukem Begins, and Doom Release Dates

There are quite a few great titles coming out later this year, and thoughts of playing Triple-A games (*cough* Skyrim *ahem*) will surely keep gamers focused on 2011. However, sometimes it’s fun to look past what’s directly in front of you, and look even further ahead to future things that you may enjoy.

The Official Xbox Magazine has done just that, and in their October 2011 publication they’ve reported that gamers can expect Fable 4, a brand new Duke Nukem game titled Duke Nukem Begins from Gearbox Software.

Let’s first begin with the alleged details of Fable 4 by OXM — as light as they may be. As many are already well aware, Lionhead Studios is hard at work on Fable: The Journey for the Xbox 360 and Kinect. You know, the same Fable: The Journey that won’t use guns, but will instead rely solely on magic. Well, according to the gaming mag, Lionhead has already begun planning the fourth instalment of the fan-favorite franchise, and that fans can “look for the Fable cycle to continue with a proper, controller-based Fable IV in 2013.”

Along with Fable 4 coming in 2013, OXM claims that Gearbox is gearing up to revisit the Duke Nukem franchise. The new title is rumored to be called Duke Nukem Begins, but that game is supposed to be in the planning stages at the moment. Apparently Gearbox will begin development on “the long-discussed Duke Begins, but not until Aliens: Colonial Marines is done.” Duke Nukem Forever did manage to make a profit, but the awful review scores certainly didn’t help the brand’s image at all.


The issue also talked about how id Software and their new Doom game are coming along. Doom is getting set to make its glorious return, and it will feature some spectacular graphics to boot. The latest installment in the Doom series is said to run at 30 frames per second “,but with graphics that put id’s own Rage to shame.” Those enhanced visuals will surely melt eyes if they’re as beautiful as they are said to be, while simultaneously make gamers soil themselves in pure terror. Although, people will gripe about the game’s alleged 30 frames per second being too low.

It’s not inconceivable to see all of these games hitting eventually, but the real question is whether or not they’ll be landing on current-gen consoles. Obviously, the Wii U is a prime candidate for Duke Nukem Begins and Doom, but only time will tell which systems these games may be coming to — because it’s obvious that these titles will be coming at some point.

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Source: CVG