Fable 4 Not In Active Development According to Lionhead Studios

By | 1 year ago 

Lionhead Studios, creators of the Fable franchise, surprised their fans after announcing the next game in the franchise wouldn’t be a sprawling single player focused role playing game like past games, but would instead be a free-to-play cooperative RPG action game. Fable Legends pits four human-controlled heroes together, as they battle traps and enemies placed in the world by a player-controlled villain.

While news and gameplay have been somewhat scarce for Fable Legends through its development, Microsoft did make a major announcement a few months back at E3, not only revealing that the game would be coming to PC as well, but also that Xbox One and Windows 10 players would be able to play with each other through cross-play. Even with this free-to-play title coming, many fans continue to wait for a proper sequel to Fable 3, but unfortunately for them, it now looks like that won’t happen for quite some time.

Responding to a fan over Twitter, the official Lionhead Studios account confirmed that the developer doesn’t currently have much to share in regards to Fable 4. The studio is focusing all of its resources on getting Fable Legends released this year and plans to continue work on the title for “the foreseeable future.”

Fable Legends is currently in a closed beta state and has been since late last year. Microsoft has yet to announce an official release date, opting instead to give Lionhead as much time as possible to fine tune the title before it’s available to the public. Considering the difficulty that many online focused games have had at launch during this console generation already, Microsoft’s line of thinking is understandable.

The fact that Lionhead is planning to continue work on Fable Legends long after it launches isn’t surprising. The developer has previously stated that the game has a 5-10 year plan in place in order to keep a healthy player population for this multiplayer-focused title. With the game also launching on Windows 10 and featuring the ability for cross play between PC and Xbox One players, Fable Legends should have a better chance at staying relevant with players.

Even though Fable Legends may not exactly be what longtime Fable fans have been looking for, Lionhead has done an admirable job trying to make the game as inviting as possible. Outside of the big cross-play announcement, the game also went free-to-play earlier this year, opting to utilize a similar payment method to Microsoft’s big fighting game franchise, Killer Instinct. Fable Legends will swap out the four main characters every so often in a similar way to MOBAs like Smite or Heroes of the Storm. Players can choose to spend in-game currency or real money to permanently unlock characters, traps, customization options, or additional items. Either way, Lionhead is promising that there will always be things for players to do who don’t want to spend a dime on the game.

Considering the game is free to play, how many of you are going to give Fable Legends a chance to win you over? Are you eager to see a return to a proper single player entry in the series? Let us know what you

Fable Legends is scheduled for release during the Holiday 2015 window for Xbox One and PC.

Source: Lionhead Studios Twitter