Fable 3 'Understone Pack' Takes Players Beneath the Streets of Bowerstone

Fable 3 Understone DLC

Upon completing any game, even one with as robust of an offering as Fable 3, players inevitably find themselves asking what's next. In this case, what's next is a new piece of DLC titled the 'Understone Pack' that takes players on a new quest complete with some side attractions.

The Understone Pack will come with a completely new quest that sees the player’s hero exploring a subterranean town built beneath the iconic streets of Bowerstone. Much like all of the towns of Fable, Understone is not without its problems. Controlled by a mysterious entity known only as 'The Voice', Understone looks to your hero for help. Don’t expect the quest to be as simple as defeating The Voice and moving on, as this DLC will have it’s own morality bending decision that will decide the fate of the people of Understone. There was more than enough content packed into Fable 3, but adding a little more is always welcomed. Along with the additions noted below, Understone comes with its own houses to purchase and creatures to fight.

Not only does the DLC come with a new quest line, but also it packs in two mini-games for some added replay value. The Shooting Range is your typical marksman scenario that requires the player to complete certain score achievements in order to net themselves some useful prizes. For simply downloading the pack players will be presented with The Marksman 500, but beating the Shooting Range’s high scores also unlocks the Money Shot and the Black Dragon.

Wheels of Fortune are overrated, so Lionhead thought they would give you the Wheel of Misfortune to keep your character occupied. Like the Shooting Range, the Wheel gifts players one weapon at the outset and unlocks two more once certain scores are beat. The Full Monty is unlocked with download, and the Dirty Harriet and Dead Ned’s Revolver require some effort to unlock.

Coinciding with this substantial offering will be two pieces of DLC that bring minor additions to the main game. The Exclusive Hair Pack (160 MS Points) unlocks some new hairstyles, including the asymmetrical bob and the afro for further hero customization, and the 5 Star Dog Potion (80 MS Points) which maxes your faithful companion’s digging ability.

Whose ready to make the trek back out to Albion to save the people of Understone? Would you purchase a potion that takes all of the hard work out of leveling your dog?

Fable 3 is available now for the Xbox 360. The Understone Pack (400 Microsoft Points) along with the Hair and Dog Potion Downloads release November 23rd.

Source: MSDN Blog

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