Mobile App Allows UK Gamers to Earn Gold for 'Fable 3'

Fable 3, Kingmaker

For those gamers who were hoping to see a reappearance of the Fable 2 Pub Games in Fable 3, I have bad news for you. It looks like that isn’t happening. But fear not because there will be a way for gamers to convert activity outside of the Fable 3 world into in-game gold.

On October 1st, gamers can begin earning money to be used in their Fable 3 quest by way of an mobile phone app titled, Kingmaker.

Working in a fashion similar to the FourSquare app, Kingmaker allows anyone with the app installed to check into a location - thereby claiming it for either the Rebels or the Royals.

"Your mission, should you be foolish enough to accept it, is to plant virtual flags for the Royals or the Rebels, and claim power-ups in locations throughout the United Kingdom... For every flag you plant, and every power up you claim, you shall earn gold coins, which you shall then be able to transfer into the Fable III game on your Xbox 360!"

The only downside to the app is that it currently only rewards players for checking-in at locations in Great Britain. Here’s hoping for an American version. Currently, there is no word as to the cost of the app but I would expect it to be at least a dollar or two but no more than the previous DLC price for Pub Games.

You can’t help but give props to Lionhead Studios for continually taking the video game experience, as well as the role-playing experience, and attempting to evolve it in the face of new technologyPub Games was a much more engaging proposition but, with the popularity of these “check-in” type services, I am certain there will be more than a few coin purses that will need some stitchwork.

What do you think about the idea of Kingmaker as a mobile app? Is it not the type of gaming experience you would like to inform your retail version or is does it seem like a unique idea?

Kingmaker will be available on October 1st for select mobile phones and Fable 3 will be available October 26th on the Xbox 360.

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