'Fable 3' Footage Shows Co-Op Adventuring and... Marriage?

Fable 3 Co-Op Adventuring and Marriage

Co-op adventuring was introduced in Fable II and Lionhead Studios won't be forfeiting its use for the very soon to be released Fable III.  This time out Fable fans will be able to play as their own heroes in a friend's world, rather than having play as a cohort. Dogs can come along, too. Players will be able to adventure together, battle monsters together, and complete quests together. Alternately, one person can run off and be heroic while the other one slaves away at a blacksmith job. Of course, one of the most important parts of any co-op RPG experience is finding loot, and in Fable III players will be able to take that loot back into their own game-world.

An even more interesting aspect of the co-op experience (and the focus of this particular video) is that co-op partners can get married (and earn an achievement). As a result, they will share their gold earnings with one another. Greedy people, beware! Players can get married, choose a ceremony, and even a place to honeymoon. Check out the video below to get a peek at what Fable III co-op has in store for you.


When Fable II introduced co-op play, it was a very exciting prospect. Sadly, it lacked in the one area that people most want out of online adventuring: personalization. These problems seem to have been addressed in the third game in the series, much to everyone's delight. In fact, because they can get married, players can now experience the kind of old medieval lifestyle that so many of us crave when we go to the Ren Faire. That is to say, one person goes out and does all the fun adventuring and Hobbe slaying, while the other one has to take care of redecorating the loft and (possibly) making dinner.

Are you planning on marrying in Fable III, or are you going to play as the rakish rogue who commits to no one?

Fable III pays a king's ransom for love on October 26, 2010, for Xbox 360 and on PC sometime in 2011.

Source: VG 24/7

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