'Fable 3' DLC 'Dog Breed Set' Meets The American Kennel Club

Fable 3 Dog Breed Set

In the real world, when you purchase a dog that turns out to be a dud - you’re stuck with it. In the world of Fable 3, through the power of the newly released "Dog Breed Set," gamers that are unhappy with their dog can change its breed instantly.

Like all good things, the potion that lets you change your dog breed does come at a price. For 240 Microsoft Points, gamers will be able to change their dog into a Poodle, a Doberman, or an Alsatian.

This small pack might not be the type of larger scale story content or quest addition gamers are looking for - but for those who are making their way through the single player currently or might be doing so soon, it’s a fun purchase. It’s just one more way Lionhead Studios is enabling players to set themselves apart from the crowd  - in a creative way.

Fable prides itself on the customization of the player’s main character. Everything from clothes to weapons, especially in Fable 3, accurately reflect the sensibilities of the player. So, for the younger gamer on your Christmas List, who might not be as concerned with the range of their sword, The 'Dog Breed Set' could be the perfect gift.

The dog mechanic has been an interesting addition to the series - and one that should continue until gamers are virtually patting their dog on the head via Kinect.

fable 3 dog breed set

Any gamers who have yet to check out Fable 3 make sure to read our review - since the game isn’t without its faults. New gamers should probably try out the second game (or even the first) to get a taste of the world before taking the $60 plunge. That said, if the series is one of your favorites - it certainly is worth picking up.

Are you interested in changing the breed of your faithful companion in Fable 3? What other small customization options would you like to see Lionhead offer in the future?

The Fable 3 'Dog Breed Set' is available now on Xbox Live for 240 MS Points.

Source: Xbox Marketplace

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