Fable has long been the game that touts itself as the forerunner for customization. In certain areas that claim has been proven true, while in others it just didn’t hit the mark. With Fable 3, Lionhead Studios is taking the house customization seen in its predecessor a step further by allowing gamers to let their inner interior decorator run wild.

Contained within the trailer is our first look at how gamers will be able to differentiate each of their properties from the next using everything from furniture to wallpaper. While it might not impact your storyline in any reasonable way, it certainly adds to the “Role-playing” element of the game.

For those who wish to have a more action packed adventure rather than sitting at home getting their Feng Shui right, Fable 3’s new butler, voiced by Monty Python’s John Cleese, is there to do the work for you. But even if you decide to leave the decorating to someone else, make sure to repair your houses and monitor the rent in order to receive the maximum income.


Peter Molyneux, the head of the lion so to speak, prides himself on his design choices. As a role playing experience, Fable 3 has the potential to get a lot right. Some new features might lean a tad towards the silly side, while others should improve on flaws in Fable 2’s combat. If you are interested in reading more about how Fable 3 plays, make sure to check out our hands-on from E3.

Despite how you may feel about the games, you can’t argue that Molyneux and his team work hard to deliver a new experience with each iteration. Kinect support or not, Fable 3 is going to let Xbox gamers, and eventually PC gamers, give it their best go at being a king.

Which type of hero will you be? The one who decorates every property they own, or the one who lets the butler do all the work?

Fable 3 is set for an October 26 release on the Xbox 360 with a PC release to be revealed some time later.

Source: Kotaku