The enthusiastic ball of excitement that is Peter Molyneux is back with us talking about his next game, Fable 3! I throw in that exclamation mark simply because I’m just as excited as he is. I’m a big fan of the series so far and even though the games have never been as unreal as Peter tends to put in our heads, they’re still damn good action RPG awesomeness (minus the weird expressions).

It seems however that there are some changes coming but don’t worry, the dog will still be there. The RPG element of collecting glowing orbs to level up specific skills are gone and apparently leveling will be more streamlined. This puts me in mind of how Mass Effect’s RPG elements were stripped down in Mass Effect 2. This was not that bad a thing for the Mass Effect series in my opinion (though many would disagree) but it may be a problem in the Fable series. All the same, the Fable games focused much more on combat, adventuring and morality then it ever really did on leveling up, so time will tell on how they intend on doing it.

If you narrow it down, the four big changes are the removal of the RPG leveling elements, touch, weapon evolution and being a king or queen. You did end up being king or queen in the second Fable but of course this is much more expanded in this installment as you will apparently be King/Queen by the half way point of the game. With it will come a lot of choices and the pressure of ruling. Should be interesting to see who will be the good and just ruler and who will be the tyrant.

Touch is a pretty interesting concept being explored in the next installment. With Mr. Moyneux’s ever present quest for emotional conveyance in a video game, he has come up with the ability to touch characters in the Fable world. Whether this be holding your lovers hand, picking up and hugging your child, or throwing someone in the dungeon. Seems pretty minor, but if you think about it, just imagine a grab button when your fighting enemies, or dragging a thief though the streets by his hair. Hopefully this will be the evolution of the expressions system and abilities as cool as the “true self” morph are just that, abilities.

Finally, the evolving weapon is very interesting to me. I know that a lot of loot gamers out there are going to be upset at not being able to pick up the next sword or hammer, but for me this is a great feature. As someone who spends a lot of time making my character look just as I want them whenever the creation aspect is presented, the ability to have your own personal sword or axe or whatever else seems like a whole lot of awesome. When, at the end of my game “Face Exploder, the Great War Hammer of Awesome” is as famous as my character is, I’ll be a happy gamer.

Whats your opinion of the additions so far to Fable 3? also whats your weapon of choice and what would you call it?

Source: IGN

Side note: Did you see the sick counters? Arrange a meeting between face and concrete via massive hammer? Don’t mind if I do!