Yesterday, all eyes were on Microsoft as they held their press conference at E3 2010, unveiling big-ticket items like the Xbox 360 Slim and Kinect. It seems like Microsoft had something for everyone at their conference, and while we were shown lots of new content and games, there was also quite a bit of new information regarding titles we are already familiar with.

One of those games is Fable 3. Whether you love him or hate him, when Peter Molyneux took the stage yesterday, there was no doubt that we’d be hearing some big news regarding the latest installment in the Fable franchise. That news came in the form of a brand new trailer and a solid release date: October 26, 2010. Take a look at the trailer.


With this new trailer, we get a better look at the ways that the world will change depending on which type of ruler you decide to become. Gameplay, for the most part, seems to be similar to what we’ve seen in previous entries in the series, aside from one new addition: Ship-to-ship combat.

Even after this new trailer, I’m still unsure what to think about Fable 3. While there are many people who love the franchise, I’ve felt let down by the previous two installations. It may be Peter Molyneux’s tendency to over-exaggerate facts surrounding his games, but personally, I felt that Fable 2 was the game that the original should have been. It just didn’t feel like the giant world that had been promised. Maybe it was the extremely linear routes between important locations, or the fact that I found the morality system to be incredibly shallow in comparison to something like Mass Effect. It just made it difficult for the game to draw me into its world.

Even so, I’m remaining cautiously optimistic, in hopes that Peter Molyneux can live up to the massive expectations that he seems to create for himself. There are definitely some interesting ideas here that I hope will be capitalized upon.

How do you feel about the progression of the Fable series? Are you excited for this new iteration?

Fable 3 launches on October 26, 2010, for the Xbox 360 and the PC.

Source: IGN