With major racing franchises like DIRT, Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport enjoying fiercely loyal fan communities and commercial success, the genre is one that may look to an outsider as offering something for everybody. But for those who crave high speed and unforgiving aerodynamics, there is simply no substitute for F1 2011. Developer Codemasters has finally unveiled the first developer diary for F1 2011, showing off a few looks at the game still in progress, and a few of the features that will be delivering what the team considers a “far more complete package.”

Racing games often get somewhat of a bum wrap, being largely misunderstood by those who equate operating a finely-tuned race car with driving their Sunday cruiser. But when it comes to Formula 1, drivers need to have more than a basic understanding of racing; they need a death wish.

Simply put, drivers need to go dangerously fast just to give themselves any hope of surviving, which obviously takes a unique kind of constitution.

A more realistic look at the life of an F1 driver is what the developers of this year’s F1 title are after, trying to give players the feeling of truly embodying a competitor on the Formula 1 circuit. From new technology being used for handling and the tire models, to increased motivation for players to take their own skills online, Codemasters is doing what they can to give an even better experience than long-time fans have been expecting.

At least, that’s the sentiment expressed in the game’s first developer diary. Have a look at the newest video now:

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The game certainly looks good given how much time remains until launch, but its the nuts and bolts of a simulation racer like this that will make or break it. There’s no reason to doubt the development team’s attention to detail, but it’s the new features being brought to F1 2011 that will grab the most attention.

Aside from expanding the online races into a full 24-car grid through multiplayer and the use of AI-controlled cars, being able to play through an entire F1 season with a teammate controlled by a real-life friend could make playing the game for the first time a less intimidating proposition. And with so many different technical and tactile challenges to overcome, making a sport like Formula 1 a bit more approachable is a wise move.

Versions of F1 2011 are currently being developed for the Vita and the Nintendo 3DS to take advantage of the devices’ unique control schemes, but release dates for those versions have yet to be announced.

Any thoughts on ways you would like to see 3D or touchscreens used for the next installment in the F1 series? Let us know in the comments.

F1 2011 will be available worldwide for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on September 23, 2011.