Extended Halo: Reach Trailer is Double The Awesome

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Allow me to state the obvious: Bungie doesn't do anything small. When they released the third installment in the Halo franchise, the ad campaign they created was unlike any we'd seen for a video game. Massive dioramas, replicated historical weaponry, and a commercial that brought more than a few people to tears. The studio was lauded with international awards for their Halo 3 campaign, so we can only expect them to keep up the trend with the impending release of their last (for now) entry into the Halo universe, Halo: Reach.

We first gave you a look at their live action trailer (short film, really) 'Deliver Hope' a few days ago, but now Bungie has released an extended edition, twice the length, and twice as awesome.


If there was any doubt that Bungie has managed to stand apart from the rest of the gaming community when it comes to their ability to get people anxious for their game, consider it gone. What more can you say? Halo: Reach comes out on Tuesday, and Bungie's already announced the treats that they'll have in store for fans every day until then. It's obvious that this game will be something particularly special for the folks over at Bungie, as they part ways with the property that brought them from obscurity to the mountaintop, and all evidence suggests that they have even higher to climb before they're done.

If you haven't taken a look at the rest of Bungie's ad campaign, it makes it exceedingly clear how important it is to the development team to put a human face on their First Person Shooter.


I'm fully on board for how seriously Bungie takes their material, and Halo will always have a special place in my heart; it was the first game released on the system that would eventually change the way I not only saw gaming, but interacted with an entire online community. I've played every game Bungie has made, watched every movie they've released, and read every graphic novel or book that they've supplied me with. Maybe it's because of my commitment to to the universe's fiction that the news that Bungie had already removed 2 characters hit me harder than most. Reading the Halo series of books changed the way I saw the characters and the way I saw the games that followed, and I would recommend doing the same to anyone who holds fast to any specific game title.

But the fact that I already know the events of Reach, yet am still just as pants-wettingly excited to jump back in, shows just how well Bungie does what they do. Who knows what's next?

But first things first, we need to remember Reach when it drops (as if you need reminding) Sept.14 for the Xbox 360.

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