Amongst Nintendo‘s sizzle reel of titles they hoped to include in their upcoming slate of Wii U releases were a few head scratches, none of which left us more perplexed than Mass Effect 3. While games like Arkham City: Armored Edition have shown us a few clever, albeit a little superfluous, tablet controls, Mass Effect 3 felt like a cash grab, plain and simple.

Though we still don’t know how BioWare and Nintendo plan to support the new tablet controller we have received word in regards to the game’s makeup that should catch more than a little attention. Rather than give gamers the opportunity to experience the Mass Effect 3 story as most of us did, with a lackluster ending and no sense of closure, BioWare is nipping those problems in the bud and packaging the game’s Extended Cut DLC in at launch.

That means that, unlike Xbox 360 and PS3 gamers, Wii U owners will be unable to see just what changed across all three endings. Although, if they were curious, they could just visit our handy breakdown of the changes and see for themselves.

By packing the Extended Cut DLC in at launch it’s essentially BioWare’s way of saying that the extended endings aren’t an attempt to placate fans, but how they wanted to conclude Commander Shepard’s trilogy from the start, but we know better. Early proclamations from BioWare’s key creative personnel suggested that the Extended Cut was a way for the developer to provide more context, but the inclusion of a completely new option suggests otherwise. In all reality, it’s almost like BioWare is surrendering to fan pressure and admitting they made a mistake.

Beyond word of the Extended Cut DLC’s inclusion there’s no word on other Wii U specific improvements, but we imagine something will be done to factor the tablet controller into the equation. As a handy tool for squad management, the controller could justify its existence, but even that is pushing it. Hopefully BioWare is hard at work at justifying a double dip for the Wii U.

Do you think that BioWare should have offered the Extended Cut as a fee download for the Wii U version of Mass Effect 3 rather than pack it in at launch? How would you like to see BioWare support the tablet controller for the port?

Source: Siliconera