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The recently announced new installment of the Bioshock series, Bioshock: Infinite by Irrational Games is expected to "blow gamers' minds," according to a classified ad on Irrational's website. The job called for is "Level Designer" for their "next big project, an unannounced shooter [that will] shock, immerse, amaze and create an experience that blows gamers' minds." Should the applicant get the job, he/she must be able to create "industry-changing levels."

Obviously, this would have been enough inspiration for people to apply to work for Irrational Games, especially on a title as highly anticipated like Infinite. If you haven't seen what the hubbub was about, check out the announce trailer, it's definitely worth a peek.

The original Bioshock was one of the most purely amazing experiences in gaming I have ever played. The atmosphere and world were realized brilliantly and a lot of that had to do with level design. Places like Arcadia or the Proving Grounds were some of my most favorite areas in the game. Each area had its own life and story to it and combined with the constant invasion of seawater all the while? That's powerful and covert storytelling.

When it comes to the newest Bioshock incarnation, I'm also wondering what else is going to be introduced for game mechanics. 2K Marin, with Bioshock 2 added a few new gameplay features, including features like "ADS" (aim down sights) and being able to wield both plasmid and a weapon at the same time. Now that those integrations are out of the way, Irrational Games should be able to have more of a field day on what they're going to be able to include.

If you're like me and can't wait for Bioshock: Infinite, you can indulge yourself with the numerous amounts of Bioshock 2 DLC that's been released and has recently released.

Bioshock: Infinite explores the reaches of the heavens in late 2012 for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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